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Are there any human behaviours that can't be logically derived from selfish gene promotion?

We do it with animals in biology all the time, we study animals and realise that the more closely related they are, the more likely they are to help each other. So why, if humans arose under the same conditions (evolution) should we treat ourselves any differently in study?. Arrogance?

Take sharing between friends, one friend shares with another in a time of excess, so that in a time of inexcess the other might reciprocate. This way both fair better than they would alone. Could this be a 'selfish' act?.


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    Nov 16 2013: Animals in wilderness are possessing extremely sensitive perceptions within their environment for the sake of superb communication with nature and survival, while we, humans, greatly suppress these nature's given abilities for to survive in our manmade artificial environment that does not make any sense in wilderness. Since we are born we are getting trained to imitate conventional behavior and language, and most importantly, begin to believe in collective ideas, retarding our own nature's given intuition and sensitivity. (Our human talent to imitate others in our young years is outstanding). Why is that in the age of technology and good communication devices we still do not understand each other any better than millennia ago? If a powerful lion has her strength to get only what she necessarily needs, a human being needs are practically endless, way beyond any reasonable necessity. We are tremendously needy and become more needy with every new technological toy on a market.

    How can we explain our extremely theatrical and superficial sense of the existence of others? The rest of living forms we somehow recognize, are immensely superior to us in terms of orientation in ever changing environment, danger of all sorts, in finding practical sources for food and shelter, and most importantly, having the sense of each other, the most precious gift we may ever have in this life.

    I hope that some day we will establish an institution for understanding our own supressed sense of reality, that feeds on superficial beliefs in stead, feeds on corrupted systems, fantasying about our immediate environment, other living forms, and each other. We have to explain why we prefer to trust our badly confusing, deceiving shallow sight, especially when augmented with technology, often misdirecting sciences. We need to answer why we are building a colossal theatrical stage for our society, labeling everything in it for to play mad, blind and deaf games

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