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Are there any human behaviours that can't be logically derived from selfish gene promotion?

We do it with animals in biology all the time, we study animals and realise that the more closely related they are, the more likely they are to help each other. So why, if humans arose under the same conditions (evolution) should we treat ourselves any differently in study?. Arrogance?

Take sharing between friends, one friend shares with another in a time of excess, so that in a time of inexcess the other might reciprocate. This way both fair better than they would alone. Could this be a 'selfish' act?.


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    Nov 5 2013: Perhaps there are some behaviors that are not directly compatible with the selfish gene theory, at least on the surface.

    choosing not to have children.
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      Nov 8 2013: That certainly leaves a little room for free will.
    • Nov 9 2013: Exclusive homosexuality combined with moving away from all ones relatives. Adopting won't count, because it's not a genetic attachment.

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