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Are there any human behaviours that can't be logically derived from selfish gene promotion?

We do it with animals in biology all the time, we study animals and realise that the more closely related they are, the more likely they are to help each other. So why, if humans arose under the same conditions (evolution) should we treat ourselves any differently in study?. Arrogance?

Take sharing between friends, one friend shares with another in a time of excess, so that in a time of inexcess the other might reciprocate. This way both fair better than they would alone. Could this be a 'selfish' act?.


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  • Oct 29 2013: Yes in biology its true, species simply look out for one another in an attempt to protect their life and future gene pool.
    Thus biologists say kind acts are carried out to ultimately benefit ourselves and our gene pool.
    There are so many examples of this being wrong in human behaviour and I believe its because we are one of the few species who are self aware. Its us and the dolphins!

    We are kind to dying people who will not return the favour, we help animals. My favourite example is in the movies, didnt Elliot help ET! Humanity has become more than biology!
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      Oct 29 2013: We are kind to dying people but of course evolution doesn't have a medical degree, a few thousand years ago we may have had trouble differentiating between dying and sick people. In either case we are more kind to those closely related to us.

      Haha someone has been watching/reading hitch hikers guide to the galaxy!, don't forget about chimps and bonobo's they are far more intelligent than dolphins.

      I believe the standard psychological test for self awareness is inherently flawed. That is, to place a sticker or mark upon an animal and see if they touch that sticker or mark when faced with a mirror. Mirrors do not occur in nature, humans, given this test are made aware of what a mirror is, they are familiar. Animals are not given that advantage.

      Surely, in order to move about a complex environment like a forest, or to interact with others. There must be some degree of self awareness. Otherwise, how would animals differentiate between themselves and their surroundings.

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