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Why are children still dying of hunger-related diseases every day when we have the resources to feed them?

Please provide answers that relate to the roles of government, churches, corporations, and society in general. Thank you.


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  • Nov 1 2013: I think the underlying problem is that capitalism has not evolved as yet to deliver us all our demands.
    We generally have a common demand for opportunity for all and there is a general common demand that everyone gets enough food to keep them reasonably healthy.

    Our demand for commonly needed things, eg a nice environment, a healthy natural world, is set aside by our economic system which very efficiently can supply us with an ice cream on the beach if we have the money.

    Our economic mode needs to evolve a bit to deliver us our common demands. I have written an essay on how this can come about - a bit lengthy - see www.goviralbaby.com.

    The main change that is required for this to happen is for suppliers and consumers to become more aware of their responsibilities. The time is now perfect for a voluntary electronic personal (and business) ethical reputation building scheme to emerge. Ethical consumers can build reputations, similar to TED ranking systems. This can be displayed on outgoing email and on social media. Can ethical behaviour go viral? Any way have a look on the essay if this is of interest.
    Comments appreciated. Conor.

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