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Why are children still dying of hunger-related diseases every day when we have the resources to feed them?

Please provide answers that relate to the roles of government, churches, corporations, and society in general. Thank you.

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    Oct 29 2013: At about 55 seconds is an answer to your question.
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      Oct 31 2013: Kai,
      That video is says it all...and I love the last line....."think about it".
  • Nov 2 2013: Greed, adult irresponsibility, indifference to the suffering of others, ignorance about the importance of nutrition, caring more about the appearance of helping rather than helping, and a general lack of proper parenting skills being transferred between generations.
  • Oct 31 2013: I heard this once.....
    We see ourselves as separate.
    Where there is separation, there is division
    Where there is division, there must also be suffering.

    It's THE fundamental misperception
    It is our original sin
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      Oct 31 2013: Well stated Scott. Thank you.
  • Nov 1 2013: I think the underlying problem is that capitalism has not evolved as yet to deliver us all our demands.
    We generally have a common demand for opportunity for all and there is a general common demand that everyone gets enough food to keep them reasonably healthy.

    Our demand for commonly needed things, eg a nice environment, a healthy natural world, is set aside by our economic system which very efficiently can supply us with an ice cream on the beach if we have the money.

    Our economic mode needs to evolve a bit to deliver us our common demands. I have written an essay on how this can come about - a bit lengthy - see

    The main change that is required for this to happen is for suppliers and consumers to become more aware of their responsibilities. The time is now perfect for a voluntary electronic personal (and business) ethical reputation building scheme to emerge. Ethical consumers can build reputations, similar to TED ranking systems. This can be displayed on outgoing email and on social media. Can ethical behaviour go viral? Any way have a look on the essay if this is of interest.
    Comments appreciated. Conor.
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    Oct 30 2013: Rev. Hancock, Hi Doc. Always great to talk to you. The number of death attributed to starvation is so small that it is incorporated into other stats. The largest number of hunger "stats" I can find for the USA is people over the age of 70. Stats for children are by race and say "hunger" only.

    With thousands of programs and billions of dollars dedicated to this mission there is no excuse. The schools offer pre school meals and free lunches for those eligible. Churches have drives, social programs, WICK, food stamps, and many other federal programs all make it highly unlikely that kids are starving. Perhaps they are not getting the nutritional value required but that is a parenting problem.

    Doc we have inspired a generational welfare mentality and are reinforcing that with the current social programs and entitlements efforts.

    We need to instill pride and self respect .... we need to instill a work ethic .... we need to get the government out of the effort ... they just throw money at any problem and never resolve anything with the bulk going to admin costs.

    A quick search of the largest charities would show the corruption and inefficiencies experienced. Trillions of dollars went into Katrina relief and little or no progress has been realized. Haiti relief is a total bust ... and now Sandy efforts are being shown as ineffective also.

    Doc I believe that there are truly people who care ... But I also think that most have lost faith .. and no longer want to be a part of the charity fraud. Money is skimmed off and only pennies of the dollar go to the cause.

    The very people who need the help also have the highest rate of obesity. They have food and also poor eating habits.

    Doc I respect the few who are doing the right thing ... we need to expose and close those who are doing harm.

    That would be progress.

    God bless you Doc ... with respect. Bob.
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    Nov 5 2013: I will reiterate Karl demandante's earlier observation as the most succinct At about 55 seconds is an answer to your question.
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    Nov 5 2013: maybe our feeds cant reach them?
    ıts rollıng ın my mınd...cos ı dont trust all organızatıon :
  • Nov 5 2013: Because there is always someone who wants to make benefits for himself. So is in this case - that kind of people steal that resources...
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    Nov 4 2013: Until and unless economic development is the axis round which all decisions are made, just distribution of resources will not be possible. Also, nationalism is another culprit- what we need is internationalism. Irrespective of which country the hungry child lives in, the structures of the world should be such that every nation is responsible to provide for the basic needs. What we need is a world federation system of government or simply World Government that can intervene for the distribution of resources beyond economic considerations.
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      Nov 4 2013: Maybe. But I have seen the governance of great numbers of people an almost impossible task. India. a country of over a billion with a democratically elected government. I am sorry for this criticism to my Indian friends, but India is not a shining example of the "distribution of resources beyond economic considerations". The USSR was a huge population governed with an authoritarian government and didn't do well in resource distribution. My own country, not that large, but with great resources, has not been able to resolve the distribution problem...
      So, a world government? I am not sure that mankind is capable of coming together on a global basis for any reason, let alone feeding children. Maybe the next evolving species of homo sapiens will be able to get it together.
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        Nov 5 2013: world government is certainly not the only solution but an important one. structures at the grassroot level also have to be strenthened. and as I said, economic development should be the outcome not the goal or it should not the axis round which decisions are made.
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          Nov 5 2013: OK, so what is the axis? Or the goal?
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        Nov 5 2013: There are certain principles that must guide policies- "equity" being an important one. When economic development is the goal than it seems alright to allow a few to become extremely rich as that will contribute to the economic development even when millions in the country might be starving. When equity becomes one of the guiding principle then policies that provide equal opportunity for all to develop. When economic development is the goal then it seems reasonable to provide "education for leadership" to a few and basic literacy to the masses. Equity would mean not just universal education but the quality of education given to all also must be the same.
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    Nov 1 2013: This is unfortunately a cognitive issue. With the overload of so much bad news and the world full of sufferers in every corner of the globe, the mind is numbed to the suffering of masses. However a narrative story of a young kid with a face or the family for perhaps a very specific suffering or need for an operation motivates us to immediately respond. This is unfortunately a communication challenge for those seeking help, and so in order to create emotional pull to get society to help the needy, the giver needs a feeling of tangibility/effect to their donation or time or response. Some may have noted that now large relief organizations have started to ask for specific small sums that show a specific value and its ability to feed, or educate or treat a kid/family for a specific time or a problem. They receive much more help then an elaborate documentary on the unbelievable suffering of millions. Sad but true, cognitive response holds the key to willingness to help.
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    Nov 1 2013: There is No Social welfare Program Where, Children have their own source of money or they are provided free good Quality food. I feel at least in this section they should be not depended on any one and government should play active role in it, If they have time from Corruption, saving the government, hoarding the resources etc.
  • Nov 1 2013: Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal" indicates that the problem is the same. The British shipped food from Ireland and had the Irish starving. Because the Irish were out of sight of the powerful, they did not know nor care. Believe the same is true today and maybe something worse.

    Unfortunately, we have become desensitized to pictures of children starving, living in poverty - not sure who is at fault for this.
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    Oct 31 2013: Good Thought....
    Back a hundred years ago, there were a group of social scientists called Eugenicists. They proposed that minority, poor and uneducated women could not properly raise children and they should all be made sterile.
    If you didn't know, let me say it turned out not to be a popular idea.
    I can't address the poverty in most parts of the world that leads to this problem, although I know it exists.
    But, what really bothers me are those stats that say 1 in 5 American children are going hungry. How can this be. We have more food then anybody and our food is cheaper then any other country's by comparison. What is wrong?

    Look around... social services, food stamps, school lunches, churches, soup kitchens, the list goes on and on. Some our our children are obese, supposedly due to improper diets, but too many just don't get enough to eat.

    So, Where are the parents? It is each parent's responsibility to see to their child's well being....

    The question... as horrible as it maybe.... were the eugenicists correct?
    Should we reopen orphanages and stop putting abused children back with unfit parents?
    Drastic measures?
    Where do we start to look after the children?

    It is probably a good thing I never became a family court judge... I would find some of these "parents" guilty of a capital offense.