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Why are children still dying of hunger-related diseases every day when we have the resources to feed them?

Please provide answers that relate to the roles of government, churches, corporations, and society in general. Thank you.


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    Oct 30 2013: Rev. Hancock, Hi Doc. Always great to talk to you. The number of death attributed to starvation is so small that it is incorporated into other stats. The largest number of hunger "stats" I can find for the USA is people over the age of 70. Stats for children are by race and say "hunger" only.

    With thousands of programs and billions of dollars dedicated to this mission there is no excuse. The schools offer pre school meals and free lunches for those eligible. Churches have drives, social programs, WICK, food stamps, and many other federal programs all make it highly unlikely that kids are starving. Perhaps they are not getting the nutritional value required but that is a parenting problem.

    Doc we have inspired a generational welfare mentality and are reinforcing that with the current social programs and entitlements efforts.

    We need to instill pride and self respect .... we need to instill a work ethic .... we need to get the government out of the effort ... they just throw money at any problem and never resolve anything with the bulk going to admin costs.

    A quick search of the largest charities would show the corruption and inefficiencies experienced. Trillions of dollars went into Katrina relief and little or no progress has been realized. Haiti relief is a total bust ... and now Sandy efforts are being shown as ineffective also.

    Doc I believe that there are truly people who care ... But I also think that most have lost faith .. and no longer want to be a part of the charity fraud. Money is skimmed off and only pennies of the dollar go to the cause.

    The very people who need the help also have the highest rate of obesity. They have food and also poor eating habits.

    Doc I respect the few who are doing the right thing ... we need to expose and close those who are doing harm.

    That would be progress.

    God bless you Doc ... with respect. Bob.

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