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What is the best approach for self studying?

I've been self studying for a month now,and there are good effects and bad effects from it. I can learn and understand things much clearly compared to class discussions,but at the same time I often commit errors and have a need for someone to explain some thing to me personally.

What is the best or effective method for self study?


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  • Oct 31 2013: I find Wikipedia an amazing way to learn because it not only covers a subject well but vocabulary that I do not understand is usually highlighted so I can jump to the word for a better meaning and then jump right back to where I left off with ease. The new internet explore has a feature, they probably copied from Wikipedia, that allows you highlight "any" word yourself and it will give you not only the dictionary meaning but a small amount of Wikipedia type information. I am a autodidact as most of the teachers I did have were not advanced enough to help much so I had to learn on my own. Before the internet I spent a lot of time in libraries. Google is also good but you have to know "how" to ask the questions.

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