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What is the best approach for self studying?

I've been self studying for a month now,and there are good effects and bad effects from it. I can learn and understand things much clearly compared to class discussions,but at the same time I often commit errors and have a need for someone to explain some thing to me personally.

What is the best or effective method for self study?

  • Nov 6 2013: Well, if you can't figure out parts of what you study, then you need to talk to other people. I do lots of self-study, but I go and discuss with others, then true learning happens.
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    Nov 1 2013: When it can be designed to appear like self learning, then self study is naturally easy and enjoyable.
  • Nov 1 2013: After getting the data, I find I need to filter the data by thinking about it, discussing it with others. Suggest you find a discussion group on line to talk about your ideas or one where you live.
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    Oct 31 2013: Hi Jejomar!

    The best teacher for you is you, yourself. This is what we call self study. What is so good about self study is that the student and teacher are same so there is not any communication gap even in thoughts. Secondly, Teaching and Learning goes on simultaneously. Student do not spent extra hours to think and learn what teacher taught. Bad thing is that teacher may not understand the subjects well so is unable to teach properly. Also student is always doubtful about authenticity of teacher and seeks for a evidence/certificate for his/her understanding.

    In my view, the best effective method for self study is after understanding the subject clearly from a teacher. We call it revision. The revision must be in such a manner that the student teach himself as teacher and understand it again. However, nothing can compete the way of learning when student self discover the answer, understand it, and thereafter confirm the authenticity of his understanding from other teachers. :)
  • Oct 31 2013: I find Wikipedia an amazing way to learn because it not only covers a subject well but vocabulary that I do not understand is usually highlighted so I can jump to the word for a better meaning and then jump right back to where I left off with ease. The new internet explore has a feature, they probably copied from Wikipedia, that allows you highlight "any" word yourself and it will give you not only the dictionary meaning but a small amount of Wikipedia type information. I am a autodidact as most of the teachers I did have were not advanced enough to help much so I had to learn on my own. Before the internet I spent a lot of time in libraries. Google is also good but you have to know "how" to ask the questions.
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    Oct 29 2013: You might benefit from finding a study group of students studying the same thing so that you can help each other. In any case, as you read, keep track of your questions so that you can ask for help when you need it.

    Your options are different depending on the subject you are studying. It is easier to get help in understanding a more elementary subject than to find someone to help you with a harder one.