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What is the Medium in which Multiple Universes Exist? How do they move around and interact? What is beyond the Multiverse?

Brian has proposed a range of ideas that suggest the multiverse.
In the graphical illustration that he showed, I noticed that the multiple bubbles that depict distinct universes are floating in a medium. This makes me wonder what is that medium? What are its properties? How does it interact with the individual universes? And finally, what is beyond the pool of the multiverse?

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    Nov 28 2013: Fun question. Let's consider this: to imagine a space between them - we'll call them universe 1 and universe 3, for reasons that will be apparent shortly. When we try to break that experience of "spatial distance between two objects" down, inevitably means that some time passes by as we appear to move in relation to other objects. To know we had left our universe (1), the experience of time would change from what it was inside universe 1 to some time flow 2. While in time flow 2, if we seem to move relative to some objects, then we would, in fact be in universe 2. If we then moved from time flow 2 time flow 3 (the next bubble), we would contrast that to time flow 1 and time flow 2.

    Now if there is a time flow and some objects during 2, then we would be in a universe, not between universes. This is sort of like the geometry axiom that between any two points, there is another point, except writ very large.

    If there is not a passage of time or movement in relation to objects in our movement from bubble 1 to bubble 3, then it makes no sense to suggest any space between them. Consider that there is no "dead space" in a mountain of soap foam, it's all full of bubbles (you could say the space between bubbles is empty, but if it is a space enclosed by surrounding bubbles, it is, thereby, also a bubble.

    Of course, universe 2 could be larger, thereby containing U1 and U3, in which case we are not just talking about congruent bubbles, but the possibility of nested bubbles as well.

    The paradoxes created would resemble Inception with its different scales of time, more than any model of bubbles floating in some substance. Now this would be more complicated, because different laws of physics could be in operation as well, but you get the idea.
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    Oct 29 2013: I know nothing of this subject other than that there is a very useful, reader-friendly book that addresses this sort of question by TED speaker and Harvard theoretical physicist Lisa Randall. It is called Warped Passages. It is available in paperback.
  • Nov 6 2013: Your analogy is good. Funny!

    But what I'm asking is is there a tub that holds all these bubbles of universes and soap? If so, then who is the owner of the tub?
  • Nov 6 2013: Medium: soap.
    They move around lubricated by the soap in-between. When a bubble pops, the other bubbles have to re-accomodate.
    Beyond? More bubbles. What did you expect?