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The effect of Climate Change on current civilization.

Current technology, and fuel based on carbon and oil is driving the world towards disaster.
Frozen Methane could be liberated if a temperature change of 5 to 6 celsius degrees is reached in the following 10 to 100 years.
Drastic but feasible measures are at reach, counting with global organizations and the countries that generate more carbon or oil usage.


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    Nov 8 2013: Thanks for your kind comments. What the world needs is acceptance of current situation. The climate change is a developing process which as you say, may not be stopped, even if we act strong and soon.
    The situation is that, we have to do something, since our children will face this problem with even harder consequences and effects.
    Finally, the outcome will be lack of feasible land to grow enough food.
    Higher temperatures, and the lack of usable water will be present every year from now on.

    Thanks for helping us, build a common consciousness...

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