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The effect of Climate Change on current civilization.

Current technology, and fuel based on carbon and oil is driving the world towards disaster.
Frozen Methane could be liberated if a temperature change of 5 to 6 celsius degrees is reached in the following 10 to 100 years.
Drastic but feasible measures are at reach, counting with global organizations and the countries that generate more carbon or oil usage.

  • Nov 1 2013: The billionaires are in denial It will just get worse. Do you really believe that we can run this complex system like a car air conditioner. I hope a tech fix can work but have you ever seen it work for something big. And the people that run the world are not STEM graduates. In fact, here they have hard time getting work.
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    Nov 12 2013: Fukushima Radioactive Waters coming to the American Continent.
    Then, lack of enough sea food from the Pacific.
    Then the Poles Melting changing sea current behavior.
    Stronger, and stronger Natural Disasters like the one in Philippines.
    A false continent the size of Texas Floating in the Pacific with PET and Plastic residues and garbage.
    Drought in many countries of the world.
    Flooding of desert lands that usually do not have rain.
    Fossil Fuels used extensively worldwide.
    New Technology Research for alternative energy projects aborted by force.
    Food Contamination Worldwide causing illness and Cancer.
    Water contamination worldwide beyond control.
    Many parts of the ocean (around 25%) are dead zones, with no animal or vegetal life.
    Many species being killed and disappearing for ever.
    Children in Japan with Radiation Hot spots in their lungs. Government still in denial.

    Is this climate Change or is just our denial to see the overwhelming reality that puts our world in Jeopardy?

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    Nov 12 2013: If you investigate, the situation in Fukushima is out of control. The radiation leakage to the pacific ocean is inevitable. All the sea currents are driving contaminated water to the American Coast. Radioactive Water mainly with Cesium 147 is getting into America. The Government is doing mainly nothing, and the sea species are dying.
    Check on Canadian Fisheries, having big trouble to find what to catch.
    Check on all the dolphins and other big mammals dying for unknown reasons.

    So, Climate Change is not only based on emissions, but on hazardous behavior and risks taken in the name of Technology damaging the complete planetary ecosystem.

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    Nov 8 2013: Thanks for your kind comments. What the world needs is acceptance of current situation. The climate change is a developing process which as you say, may not be stopped, even if we act strong and soon.
    The situation is that, we have to do something, since our children will face this problem with even harder consequences and effects.
    Finally, the outcome will be lack of feasible land to grow enough food.
    Higher temperatures, and the lack of usable water will be present every year from now on.

    Thanks for helping us, build a common consciousness...
  • Oct 31 2013: Good thing we will be colonizing space soon..
    • Nov 1 2013: Humans can't survive there Better fix here. except we won't/
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        Nov 1 2013: i was being sarcastic.. im not going to say climate change is insignificant but i will say there are definately fear mongers everywhere projecting there fear into the world or capitalizing in some form or another on the anxious reaction of the masses. Theres political incentives behind fear and more frequently there are just fearful people doing what humans do and worry and then have to spread there insecurity. Im not just talking bout climate change im talking about all the things that keep people in this planet in a perpetual state of panic blinding them from the benefit of optimism and the wisdom to find the good or at least the silver lining in things. That doesnt mean we should ignore issues but theres science that needs questioning including the power of predictably the climate models hold. also natural trends of discovery and innovation will solve problems to a large extent. remember how many people freaked about Ozone? what happened with that??
        • Nov 2 2013: Good points But we have to remember there have never been so many people and there will be more more and even more U N T I L ....................