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Are young people able to make a positive impact in the community?

Being 17 years old, too many times I have been told I am too young create any sort of change or impact in my community.
Whenever I speak to my teachers or my senior relatives about my ambitions they say I am too young or I have a long way to go. some may even say I shouldn't be thinking about these issues at such a young age as they don't concern me.
I am passionate about perception of the youth in London and I want to change it. I have already taken steps to do so but I feel my efforts are being looked upon by 'grown ups'.
Which brings me to the question are young people able to make a positive impact in the community?


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  • Nov 4 2013: As a young person myself I think that anyone can make some kind of impact on community. If you look at media right now a lot of young people (Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus etc etc) is making impact on the world. Even though they might not be doing it on purpose but they themselves are creating impact on the world (Do I agree with their impact?... that's another story). As an aspiring filmmaker/writer I really want to say that I'm always surprised when I learn something from someone who is younger than me. Sometimes I think, there are so many young people know so much more than me... It can be learning their moral stands and their views of the world. I think we don't give enough credit to young people. Of course, there is a defence that young people need to be more developed and need to see the bigger world. But they have imaginations and they have innocence, and I honestly believe that we can learn a lot from innocence and imaginations... So I honestly think we can learn many different things from young people...
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      Nov 6 2013: I agree Min Sung Kim.....we can all learn from each other regardless of age. In my perception, we are all students and teachers in this life adventure:>)

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