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Are young people able to make a positive impact in the community?

Being 17 years old, too many times I have been told I am too young create any sort of change or impact in my community.
Whenever I speak to my teachers or my senior relatives about my ambitions they say I am too young or I have a long way to go. some may even say I shouldn't be thinking about these issues at such a young age as they don't concern me.
I am passionate about perception of the youth in London and I want to change it. I have already taken steps to do so but I feel my efforts are being looked upon by 'grown ups'.
Which brings me to the question are young people able to make a positive impact in the community?


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    Nov 2 2013: A young person helping an old person across the street has a positive impact on the community. People are people.
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      Nov 2 2013: Well said Christopher! Every single act of kindness....no matter how large....or how small... impacts the giver, the receiver, and often touches many more people than we can imagine. It is contagious ....be a carrier:>)

      I remember years ago, while walking with a friend in NYC, on a dark, rainy, stormy night, we came upon a little older lady trying to get across the street and having difficulty because of traffic, visibility, wind, rain, etc. We got on either side of her and walked with her across the several lanes of traffic. Cars didn't stop for her alone, because she was so tiny, they probably didn't see her in the dark and rainy conditions. Cars, DID stop for 3 of us however! She was SO appreciative and delightful, we ducked into a sheltered place on the other side of the street and had a chat. My friend and I still remember the feeling of joy and connectedness. And now, I am the little old lady who sometimes needs help! LOL:>)
      • Nov 4 2013: You have inspired me Colleen, now I'm going to work twice as hard. It's great to see people like you from a different generation supporting what young people do. If there were more people like you this world will be a better place, not only for young people but for all generations. THANK YOU!
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          Nov 4 2013: Thank you for your kind words and feedback Ismael....much appreciated:>)

          My perception, is that we (humans) are all here in this earth school to support each other in our life adventure. We are all teachers and students in the experience of life, and as I said in another comment on this conversation thread, the young people of today are our leaders of tomorrow. There is absolutely no reason to NOT support them/you in your mission:>)
    • Nov 4 2013: I helped an old lady across the street once and she kept hitting me with her purse all the way, maybe it was because she didn't want to go? :)
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        Nov 4 2013: Alas, old people have an impact on society as well, as do purses! :)
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        Nov 4 2013: Keith,
        It's always good to check with the person, to clarify if the gift we are trying to give is actually what is wanted and needed!

        EDIT regarding comment below...

        I agree..."some give the gift and let others decide what to do with it"

        With the example Keith provides....helping an old lady cross the street and she keeps hitting him with her purse, it appeared that Keith was offering a joke, which he states in the next comment. Can you understand the humor?
        • Nov 4 2013: That was something else "I just found" by "just found" I mean back in the crevices of my old and forgetful mind. Something dredged up from my distant past a long time ago. It was an old boy scout joke from years ago about doing a good turn daily. Whenever you see a smile :) at the end of my comment, you can assume it was possibly a joke, hopefully funny, and may or may not be a true statement.
        • Nov 7 2013: Colleen,

          Some give the gift and let the others decide what to do with it...
          ... even-though some may not want the help they still need the help...
          ... that doesn't mean they will show appreciation for the help...

          ... wanted to add that some gifts are wonderful and definitely 'keepers', some are 'recyclable' to pass along when the appropriate opportunity happens and then there is always the dumpster.
        • Nov 8 2013: I did see the joke... I often try to convey a point with a bit of humor only to realize that the other didn't get the intended joke... and responded a bit too serious... for example I may even give the context to prepare them for the humor telling them the tone of my message so that they prepare to perceive what follows in such a tone only to discover the mangled mess that results from what they did to my joke... oh and its alway my fault that they didn't get the joke because I didn't explained it to them... everyone knows that explaining the joke takes most of the humor away... one has to just get it... sometimes it may take a while and when they get the joke its like an eureka moment.
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        Nov 7 2013: I "got" that it was a joke Keith, which is why I responded in kind:>)
        • Nov 7 2013: Again I have under estimated you and as always you shine right through it all. Thanks Colleen

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