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Having a "rewards" card for tobacco! Every 10 pack you buy, you get to pay more and "help" the tobacco company!

I thought of this idea while I was walking pass my local cafe this morning. Having that 10th cup of coffee free meant quite a lot for a broke Uni student like me! And I started thinking about my project on plain packaging and how that is becoming to be ignored by smokers and not having that much of an effect anymore.

Then, it struck me, why not have a "reward" system for smokers, but instead, it is punishment on their wallets. It may not sound like a lot at the beginning, a $1 raise for every tenth pack but overtime, that will hurt their wallet! That will slowly instil upon smokers that they need to save that last cigarette because I can no longer afford $50 for a pack of 20! Even if he could, that will still leave an impression when he is lighting up and thinking this 1 little cigarette cost me $2 and it will be gone in a few minutes!

However, this can only work if every shop cooperates and ask for ID when the person is purchasing the cigarettes. This idea may even be welcomed by tobacco companies since it begins with an increase in revenue for them!


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    Lejan .

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    Oct 29 2013: Yes and we should do the same with the energy we are using. Any 10th Kilowatt/hour will be charged $ 1 more so that we get to realize that our heating, cooling and electrical light only lasts the moment we are consuming it. This 'reward' system encourages us not to use as much energy anymore as we used to, while knowing, that our all environment get to recover.

    And there is even more to seek and correct in other dysfunctional behavior of which we already know, that knowledge about risks alone is widely ignored and underestimated anyway.
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    Oct 31 2013: Punishment in the form of a reward, eh? If you ask me, I like to see them executed on their tenth pack of smokes. You know, what's the incentive in just putting more money in someone's evil pocket? We don't need or want smokers anywhere around us at all do we? NO! Now, lets get them to their graves much sooner. We don't need any more bad influences in this world. I say, if you want to punish you really need to do something to make an impact. Use fear. We have to teach smokers a lesson they don't already know.

    I gotta stop being so sarcastic here but sometimes I just can't help myself (such as smoking) set me straight somehow. Help me fix ME so I don't hurt you with smoke. Help me grow my own tobacco.
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    Oct 29 2013: Or smoke electronic ciggarettes.
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    Oct 29 2013: I like the idea, but the additional money shouldn't go to the tobacco industry but to some good cause.
    Unfortunately, I think even if you could implement such a system, people would soon create a black market for cigarettes to circumvent the new rules.
    • Oct 29 2013: Yeah, It SHOULD go to a good cause, possibly for research on cancer!

      In Australia, before the implementation of plain packaging of tobacco, there was A LOT of objections but the government did it anyway and although there still is a lot of objections and now the tobacco company will be taking actions against the new rule, I still agree with that move because it showed that we are trying to make a difference and if the tobacco company wins, we can always try again!

      The black market is a definite, whether we like it or not, it will happen whatever we do.
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        Oct 29 2013: Yes, the neutral packaging was a good move.
        I don't know how it is in Australia, but I think advertising should be forbidden for anything that can be a health risk, especially if it is so obvious like tobacco.
        • Oct 29 2013: Yes, tobacco advertising is banned but it only works to stop young people from starting smoking and not the current smokers.
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    Oct 28 2013: I don't understand why you would think tobacco companies would somehow miss the implications of your pricing concept or why they would want to lose control over their own pricing decisions.
    • Oct 29 2013: I am sure when the government implemented the plain packaging rule in Australia the tobacco company resisted as well! This is just an idea that I thought could one day work.
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    Oct 28 2013: I would imagine people would fake ID's and sell on the black market.
    • Oct 29 2013: Yes i agree to that but that is a line that not many will cross since it is after all illegal.