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Is it really ONLY success that we should strive for?

These days people are very active following the FORBES list of most successful people in the world, or Time's list of most effective personalities. They consider people on this list as their idols. Has the world really reached that saturation level today, that only these list of people can force us to follow our dreams. Is it only this way that people can achieve success? And after all of this is it only success in life that we need to strive for?
A person may not be good intellect, still very successful. So that means being successful in this way holds importance more than knowledge, intellect, excellence or dreams?
All of this Leads me to doubt the ideologies of the true definition of competence and success.
What in world is the true road towards success followed by greatness?


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    Oct 29 2013: Hi Swati !

    Why man want success?

    Answer is very simple- To be happy. When one think that his/her happiness lies only in achieving so and so, the striving begins. But the adversity is that there is not any final destination of success to satisfy you, to make you happy. Every time man achieve a goal, founds it as a milestone. Everyone wants to be successful in all fields of life. Life is multidimensional. Have not we seen the people success in one field, falls back in another. How many millionaire or famous people are happy? Why we associate success with fame or money only? Why not we consider a man successful who is happy? Aren't we want success for happiness? I am not against the spirit to succeed, But it should be in all dimensions. One should also think to be successful in relations, in love, in friendship.. after all life is this, others are just secondary things, just tools for a happy life.

    No one force anybody to follow them, to make them idol. Every successful man make his/her own path and do not believe in the ready made path to follow. But, people wants short cut to be successful, instead of making new path they find convenient way to follow ready made paths, so they make them idol. Idol should be made for guidance not to copy or follow. An idol can give this much information that if he cloud succeed so why can't you. But people follow and lose their true self. A pursuant person loses all potentiality to be a unique successor, to be a paragon, to be an idol.

    It's true, only efforts and striving aren't enough for success. So, according to me the true road towards success is when -
    1) Happiness is not tide with the goal of success, and
    2) One also take care the happiness of surrounding people, while journey towards the success. :)
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      Oct 30 2013: Hi Manish, I completely agree with your point. To what a man considers happiness, defines his success in that direction. You presented your view point in one of the simplest yet the best convincing mannerisms. Thanks:)
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        Oct 31 2013: Simplest is bcoz my English is not so good, :p lol
        your welcome swati, and thank you for asking such a good question.

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