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Is it really ONLY success that we should strive for?

These days people are very active following the FORBES list of most successful people in the world, or Time's list of most effective personalities. They consider people on this list as their idols. Has the world really reached that saturation level today, that only these list of people can force us to follow our dreams. Is it only this way that people can achieve success? And after all of this is it only success in life that we need to strive for?
A person may not be good intellect, still very successful. So that means being successful in this way holds importance more than knowledge, intellect, excellence or dreams?
All of this Leads me to doubt the ideologies of the true definition of competence and success.
What in world is the true road towards success followed by greatness?


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  • Da Way

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    Oct 28 2013: I thought your question has 2 levels. By defining success as wealth, fame, and influecnce I think Fritzie has already a good answer below. Of course I agree that happiness or sense of fulfillment should be the goral.

    From a different angle though, your title question has a much deeper meaning. If you define success simply as 'acomplishing one's goals'. Thent the question 'Is it really ONLY success that we should strive for?' is a much more interesting one, which I want to pose:

    If your goal IS to strive for fulfillment, happiness and deeper meaningful relationships for example, does it really matter if you fail? Once you define your goals, is success all that matters? If you set your goal as the journey, the experience and knowledge rather than the destination/outcome; could you walk away satisfied if your goal failed and you've learnt nothing?

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