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Is religion simply the biggest tradition of them all?

Hello my fellow TEDizens! If there's one thing us humans love , we love our traditions whatever they may be. We even celebrate the day we were born every year till the day we pass, not to mention the numerous holidays we perpetuate and I am right there with you. I truly enjoy those times and look forward to them but could religion be nothing more than a tradition that has lasted this long. Just like different cultures have different versions of seemingly similar occasions thus we have different religions for different cultures. Your thoughts?


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  • Oct 30 2013: I believe it is much more. Personally I am not very religious. However while religion is a tradition, it also acts to answer many of our questions. It is a method of attaining inner peace by removing questions such as, "where did I come from?" what should I do" and the biggest one of them all, "Is this Right or Wrong?"

    Religion is also a way people cling to hope. Hope that death is not the end of all. Hope that there is a mysterious force looking out for you and he will one day end your pains. Hope that all of your good actions will mean something.

    Without religion, billions of people would be lost. Therefore I would not simply consider it a tradition, I believe it goes beyond that.
    • Oct 30 2013: Actually it answers none of those questions.it only gives somebody's idea of what they believe to be true. Everybody's good deeds do mean something whether they realize it or not. What do you mean by this statement it goes beyond simple tradition, cause that's what it actually is.. That's why I said the biggest of them all. I do not know the percentage but I'm sure it's hi the number of people that believe the Bible to be the true words from God. I wonder how many of them have actually questioned and did a Google search on the origins of the Bible?
      • Oct 30 2013: Whether or not there is Truth in the Bible or the answers it DOES provide to those questions are true, partially true, or false is not really relevant. Those who believe in it, believe it is true and for them those questions are answered. If you believe that the answers are inadequate or baseless, so be it, many would agree, many would disagree. However for the deeply religious, religion does answer those questions and does act as more than a tradition they follow because their ancestors did.
        • Nov 2 2013: Ok.ask yourself what makes them believe in it.that the words in the good book are that of the creators? It almost seems morally wrong when you take away the option to question.nothing WHAT SO EVER should be allowed in that realm.it takes away from the one thing ,at least on earth , that sets us apart, the ability to question and ask why, or in the case of little ones, why for.
    • Nov 2 2013: There are plenty of ways to find inner peace that doesn't require the answers to our originsand it definitely doesn't take the power of the almighty to show us right from wrong or show us the way because we don't know what to do.that's just laughable.

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