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Is religion simply the biggest tradition of them all?

Hello my fellow TEDizens! If there's one thing us humans love , we love our traditions whatever they may be. We even celebrate the day we were born every year till the day we pass, not to mention the numerous holidays we perpetuate and I am right there with you. I truly enjoy those times and look forward to them but could religion be nothing more than a tradition that has lasted this long. Just like different cultures have different versions of seemingly similar occasions thus we have different religions for different cultures. Your thoughts?


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    Oct 28 2013: Depends on individual.....some believes it to be the only way living life and everything else is invalid & futile, some sees it as a complete dumbness, some are in the middle, some don't care

    However religions have always been influenced and shaped up by culture......the rites of same religion varies from culture to culture.
    • Oct 28 2013: God created the universe and man wrote the bible, a little thought and you come to realize it is just tradition kept alive because faith doesn't require question. Isn't that convenient.

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