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Cheap Do It Yourself harnessing of Wind and the Sun on a massive scale.....taking the pressure off the grid,home brewing ethanol....

We have the wind,we have the sun,and we have the what is stopping the sensible change? Canada has enough wind power for the generation of electricity in a massive scale,which can be supplemented by solar energy. Wind Turbines should be highly subsidized so that all Canadians can put a wind turbine on their property,even if it means the roof.3 to 4 Kilowatts can be easily and efficiently be generated.We can't let the power companies dictate how we use energy.Petroleum can still be used in lubrication...a safer alternative!Ethanol based fuels can easily replace gasoline(Race cars use them),ethanol can be easily produced from sugarcane,corn,or anything that can be fermented.Instead of importing electronics from China,we can import sugarcane(if we really need to)...and create jobs within Canada.Hell,I am willing to pay extra to get a product made in Canada...why? Because mass production of alcohol based fuels +solar power+wind power+hydroelectri power is going to make ethanol so cheap that we will be able to spend many times more on shopping made in Canada products.
End result:Increase in Employment,Better Environment,less dependency on outsourced products,very low hydro bills,lower taxation,A BETTER LIFESTYLE and ....A STRONGER CANADA!!!!

  • Oct 28 2013: After running the numbers Some applications may be positive.
  • Oct 27 2013: We can do this...The government can help!