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A plan to end poverty and bring World Peace

I've learned that World Peace and ending poverty are actually the same goal. The two go hand in hand. The same thing is needed to accomplish both, and neither can be accomplished without it.

The people are the true power of any nation. The leaders must to some extend do the will of the people. Even a cruel dictator must to some extend do the will of the people. So, if the people hate, the nation makes wars, and its children die. If the people love, the nation has peace.

How can a nation with a 2 billion dollar defense budget defend itself against a nation with a 700 billion dollar budget? There is only one way, and that is to make the people of that nation refuse to allow that war.

We need to accomplish two things to make this work. One is that small nation will need to give a billion dollars, or half of its defense budget, to my project to help end world poverty. That money must have maximum efficiency in its poverty reduction effect, and I have just the project for that.

The problem is, the other thing. I can not do this without the support of the people. That, I need help on. How do I get the support I need.

Once one country does this, other countries will see how smart it is, and they will start to do it too. Soon, every country will stop making weapons, "and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. "

Anyway, here's a link to my new video, which might help you understand. It's called A New Hope for Mankind.

  • Nov 8 2013: Most of the poverty programs are designed not to eradicate poverty, but to boost the ego of donation givers , charity doers.Donation and Charity will never eradicate poverty, but the Attitude of sharing will do somthing.Poor people have to be educated , not the current process of education. But the education that changes their way of thinking and attitude.Poor people are constantly reminded through various means that they are poor , they are poor and only way to elevate their status is to give them everything free.And the poor people believe that those who have abundance of things have been given to them(not poor people) free by someone else or may God.
  • Nov 8 2013: Poverty is product both for non-profit and profit organizations.For non-profit organisations it is an evergreen cow to milk endlessly and for ever.And for profit organisation it is opportunity to get recognition and win social awards. For some people it is profession.There are more that 60 lac non profit organisations in India who claim to be engaged in the eradication of the proverty.

    Now,imagine that if the poverty has been eradicated all of a sudden , then what would happen to those organizations who are engaged in the process of poverty eradication program. Many organizations will become defunct and many people will become jobless . And again creating a set of poor people. But,Don't worry poverty will never be eradicated.
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    Nov 4 2013: STEP 1: Increase in the consciousness of oneness so that the processes and structures of society start to reflect that unity
    STEP 2: Repeat Step 1 until world peace is established
    STEP 3: Repeat Step 2 until you are sure it is not fragile
  • Oct 31 2013: Peace if achieved is always fragile.
    Its human nature to squabble now and then. I often liken us to chickens in a coop. Every so often a big squabble and then they all settle down again.
    Any viable peace solution needs to embrace the requirement for a stable workable distribution of food and resources so that everyone has an opportunity in life.

    Societies of ants have evolved where the society efficiently works together for the benefit of them all.
    We need to evolve our ways of doing things. Its an evolution not a revolution. I have written an essay see in which i describe how capitalism can evolve to deliver sustainability and peace.
    • Oct 31 2013: God has a plan for a better system of society, which will make peace last, and not be fragile. Much of that plan is in the Bible, but hidden, so that only one person, the Savior, would fully understand it. Part of that plan is described in my video.

      It is similar to the society used by Ants, and similar to what you have talk about on your website, but it differs in that it takes into account the need to change the motivation system, which determines how be people behave and what they care about.

      We are all a product of our environment, and our society is our environment. Change our society, and we change how we behave, and what we care about. We become different people.

      As my video shows, we will not be good people, until our society is changed.

  • Oct 30 2013: poverty is an invention of human greed and the illusion of wealth and the feeling we need money to survive, if we could all just get along and share we would be just fine i feel war is a stupid pointless dung fight were just trying to through are crap faster and harder then the other guy, and the men who initiate these wars hide behind there solders so they dont get any poop on them. some times i feel like the world is in kindergarten and were all trying to put all the toys in are corner, like grow up.
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    Oct 29 2013: So let me get this straight, two countries are at war, you want the smaller one to give you half of its defence budget of 700 or a billion dollars to develop the country whilst the bigger one takes over because you have ploughed their defence budget into farming equipment?
    • Oct 30 2013: Not into farming equipment, into a project to eliminate world wide poverty.

      That 2 billion dollar budget will not do any good against a nation with a 700 billion dollar budget.

      When an intelligent person must do battle, he seeks out a battleground which will give him the most advantages, and give his enemy the most disadvantages.

      The very core of the battle ground, is the love/hate relationship with the people themselves. That is the only place that the tiny poor nation can possibly get a victory. It can use half of its military budget on the right project, to make a huge impact on ending world wide poverty. That, with a few other essential ingredients, would make it virtually impossible for that rich nation to attack them.

  • Oct 29 2013: Hi.
    In the 1980's a World Commission of sorts, that involved almost all the countries in the world, studied, planned and came up with $ figures for solving (ending, eradicating), every problem known to humankind, all species of life and the planet itself. Illiteracy, poverty, slavery, war, disease, dirty air, land, water and food, the continuing extinction of plant & animal species, resources, pollution, you name it, it's in there. The cost for each? Astronomical, mind-boggling but achievable. The total for everything, for everywhere, and for everybody? Only 1/4 of the worlds total military spending for weapons of every kind and description. The solution? Take the money away from the military/industrial complex! Or, refuse to participate in the monetary system and refuse to do anything those in "authority" dictate people must do, or else! The "or else" is not from them but from us, if we don't do what we need, not what they want, demand and need.
    Everyone falsely keeps on believing things can only..."get done"... because of money. It is obvious things not only..."don't get done"...because of money but our false belief that we need money to do things (solve our problems), is actually blocked by money, the monetary system and the power we have given it. That is all. Take your power back.
    You're almost there now. The global economy will collapse. It cannot survive such insanity. When it does, the world will be offered a global currency and a take it or leave choice with the threat (just as they threatened American'ts with how much worse it would be if they didn't approve the bailout!), that things will be worse if they don't accept a global currency. Don't take it. They lose all power. Go on about your business as humans doing what we do. What is it we do? Fulfill our needs. Our needs are jobs. Our jobs are needs. Corporations are people. Go to work, keep things running no matter what is said. Nothing costs money. Everything costs people. It's a start. Fine tune it
  • Oct 29 2013: Anyway, isn't it kind of pathetic that people are not willing to watch a 2 hour video for the sake of World Peace and ending poverty?

    I've done several extensive searches for plans for World Peace and ending Poverty, and saving mankind, and there's really one realistic plan out there, other than the mass meditation plan which I expect few people will take seriously.

    So it is not like you'd have to watch a whole bunch of people's peace plans, 'cause there really is only one.

    People really should budget their time, as well as money. World Peace and poverty should both get a fair amount of time and money. I can understand people not giving money, 'cause they don't know of a workable plan to utilize such money, but there is not reason not to give time into searching out workable plans.

  • Oct 29 2013: There's too much to say for a short video. I've been trying to think of what to put into a short video, for a short promo video.

    Having governments heavily armed actually endangers the people far more than it keeps us safe. We (and everyone in every country) are always in greatest danger from our own governments.

    Those dangers include nuclear war, as well as a military take over, and just plain old fashioned government corruption.

    As far as one nation trying to take over, there is one thing which make that possible, and that is the military draft. If there was an international law that banned the military draft, and required all nations to immediately attack any nation attempting a military draft, then there'd be no way for any nation to get the soldiers needed to go on a conquering spree. Then, soldiers would only fight for causes they believe strongly in. Nations would have very strong defense, but fairly weak offense, which would make conquering other nations very difficult.

    • Oct 29 2013: Actually, banning a draft would only help to shift the balance towards small, high tech armies as opposed to large, low tech ones. If anything, in encourages the spending of more capital, to compensate for the reduced manpower.
      Modern warfare is more about materiel then about men, at least in terms of quantity.

      As for the government being the greatest threat to its own people, that's nonsense if I ever heard it. That's only true in places where you have civil wars, everywhere else, not so much.
      I'm sure the people of South Korea feel much more threatened by their nuclear armed northern neighbors than by their own democratically elected government for example.

      Having a well armed government is actually crucial for peace. Look up the concept of a monopoly on violence; countries fall apart without it, in a process that usually involves a civil war.
      • Oct 29 2013: Governments do not fall apart because the people have weapons. They fall apart, because the governments become corrupt, and the need to ended. When the people have weapons, they simply end those corrupt governments a little earlier, and with less bloodshed.

        The United States currently spends 39% of all the money spent on military in the world. Several times more than any other nation. The United States is also one of the highest percentage based on GDP. So more percentage of each persons income. Does that make any logical sense? Is that intelligent use of money?

        • Oct 29 2013: No, governments can fall apart just fine because they failed to maintain their monopoly on violence. Look at Libya for example--their prime minister was kidnapped by what essentially amounts to an overly armed street gang just a few weeks ago. The government doesn't have de-facto control over much of the country, and their economy and standards of living suffer heavily for it. Honestly, I'm waiting until parts of the country start succeeding.
          All because they don't have a proper national military. Instead, each militia does as it likes.

          Libya is hardly a unique example either. Lebanon, Somalia, DR Congo, and others are all run by militias as opposed to proper governments. It works about as well as you'd expect.

          As for the US' defense budget, I'll readily agree its overinflated, but there is a big difference between reduced spending as opposed to no spending at all.
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    Oct 28 2013: lovely dream ,time will answer you and the hope can keep the track of time...Thank you for your Querying.
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    Oct 28 2013: Hi Tony,

    In 1978, Quakers (in the U.K) were instrumental in forming what is now Conscience—the peace tax campaign to campaign for a change in the law to facilitate objection to taxation for military purposes without weakening the social obligation to pay tax. Supporting such campaigns might be a good intermediary step to unilateral disarmament.

    (PS: I think a much shorter video than 2-hours long would help your cause. You need to be able to get your message over in 10 minutes.)
  • Oct 28 2013: Sure, we all just give away all our weapons, leaving us defenseless against that one jackass who kept his, which will proceed to use them to take over the world (or at least as much as he can manage before everyone else re-arms).

    Except it won't be that one jackass, it'll be everyone. No one is dumb enough to leave themselves defenseless, its just asking to be stabbed in the back.
    Pretty standard's prisoner dilemma actually, it only works if everyone agrees to do it together, and thereby expose themselves to the risk of being screwed over for their kindness. In other words, it'll never happen, and for good reason.
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    Oct 28 2013: A people united by a great idea would be unstoppable in their advance towards their goals. The problem for great ideas is division and hypocrisy. There are more selfish leaders around, and their recent decisions would give us an hint of what is in their hearts.

    And how about the masses and their gleeful acceptance of lies and deciet?