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What is a soul?

What exactly is a soul, and what function does it serve?

Let me stop the Cartesian Dualists before we begin. Mind and consciousness are strictly physiological phenomenon, we can observe this in brain damaged patients, we can observe it in mental disorder.

So what is a soul? what does it look like or behave like? and what exactly is it's function?


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    Apr 19 2011: The soul is what people thought made humans human before they knew any better.
    • Apr 19 2011: so animals not have soul?
      what makes humans human is wisdom. not soul or DNA.
      among all animals, human is the only animal with wisdom.
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        Apr 19 2011: That's interesting Ahmadi. Most people I've met that believe in souls, think that only humans have them (I never understood why humans, but not animals).

        So you believe that animals have souls also? How do you define a soul?
        • Apr 19 2011: Dear Tim Colgan,
          yes sure,
          animals and plants have soul.
          soul is the agent of move. and soul make dead body alive.
          soul enter into dead body of human fetus at age of 4 month and make it alive. and a new human is created inside its mother.
          material by itself can not move at all. even one millimeter.
          what make humans human is wisdom. not soul, not DNA.
          wisdom is the most valuable property of human which no animal have it.
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          May 7 2011: God provided animals for food for mankind. Their role was never to dominate the earth or rule in any form or fashion. They were food...that is all. The soul was given to man as an eternal gift. The downside is that we can embrace that gift or throw it away.

          As for trees and animals...Sorry Avatar Movie...but only mankind gets it.
        • May 8 2011: Dear Shawn Hart,
          soul is the difference of a dead and an alive body. animals have soul like humans. soul does not make any advantage between human and animal.
          the most valuable eternal gift given to human is "Wisdom" and animals do not have it.
          how you can prove human has soul and animals have not it?
          when a human is dead the soul leaves body ad the same for animals.

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