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What is a soul?

What exactly is a soul, and what function does it serve?

Let me stop the Cartesian Dualists before we begin. Mind and consciousness are strictly physiological phenomenon, we can observe this in brain damaged patients, we can observe it in mental disorder.

So what is a soul? what does it look like or behave like? and what exactly is it's function?


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    May 2 2011: The soul (same as spirit) is a body in the fine-matter world and is attached to this physical body for an appointed time.

    This physical body exist in a course-matter world and the link (for lack of better word) between this to the fine-matter world is consciousness. Consciousness does not exist in the brain. The brain is a translation and recording device constantly transmitting to the soul while receiving through the sensors. When measuring or observing the brain's waves, one is actually witnessing the process of translation and transmission. In other words the soul only has a relationship with the mortal device and not found in it. The connection is transparent as a wireless device's connection. Therefore one cannot see the soul from a reality designed to translate the many other consciousness to improve our consciousness or awareness if you like.

    The purpose for the soul is to glean realities, through experiences and interaction with other, to raise and share its consciousness or awareness if you like. The soul exist in an inter-related universe improving itself from one dimension to another. This experience, this physical experience, is an outward expression of an inward event.
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      May 3 2011: How do you know the thing you call soul exists?

      Does it consist of matter or energy? Does it occupy space or time? Can it be detected with any instrument?
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        May 4 2011: I would say that everything in the known universes exist in physicality, except in different levels of it. There are dimensions of physicality separated by timelines.

        Timelines function in its space/area and its frequency is directly linked to its sun. Timelines are frequencies. Each sun has its own frequency and bandwidth of color spectrum. The Sun's frequency sets the parameters for the multiple levels of energy that solidifies in matter seen and unseen in its space. We in this matter cannot see the other because time, not space, separates us.

        The soul journeys through frequencies experiencing structural forms to become conscious of its self. If one were to design a machine capable of self reflection, communication and some form of sensation, it would need multiple sense organs to achieve the capacity for recognition. The human body is that machine that the soul occupies via a connection. The soul its self is not the body but attaches to a materialized machine to assist its purpose.

        Can we see it, is a difficult question. It is unobservable by instruments except we, the human body, is the instrument. The soul itself is discovering its self therefore enters various frequencies to solidify its experience to improve more knowingly. Is the soul matter? No, but it enters the various levels of matter (light solidified). The soul is light and is capable of aligning its frequency into any frequency.
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          May 5 2011: I kind of lean toward's Wittgenstein's reasoning:

          "It is not a something, but not a nothing either! The conclusion was only that a nothing would serve just as well as a something about which nothing could be said."

          If you are unable to establish a direct link via phenomena (i.e. - an observable occurrences) then you're entering religion/mysticism. The authorities (persons or writings) in that domain are not ones that it makes sense to follow.
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      May 4 2011: not so fast there divineinterlletc..I am not so sure that soul and spirit are the same. I am not sure what either is after years as a contemplative..I have only gotten as far as thinking they rae probably not the same..ceratinly I see the two distibguished in many of the ancient mystical and wisdom traditions.

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