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What is a soul?

What exactly is a soul, and what function does it serve?

Let me stop the Cartesian Dualists before we begin. Mind and consciousness are strictly physiological phenomenon, we can observe this in brain damaged patients, we can observe it in mental disorder.

So what is a soul? what does it look like or behave like? and what exactly is it's function?


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  • Apr 19 2011: when you are sleep and your eyes of head are closed, who see dreams is your soul.
    soul is not material. so can not be seen or detected by eye of head. our eye of head just see light reflecting from materials. also soul can not be detected by any material sensor (ear, hand, or any other material sensor)
    each human has 4 soul for 4 function. soul has eye and can see.
    material is limited in time and place. our body is material. but soul is not material and is not limited in time and place and can go through time and place. so in sleep you are in far places or you see future some times in sleep. soul is like wind and can go every where easy.
    we can not understand what is soul. just a little we can understand about soul. there is no way to understand much about soul. you just can go some where if there exist at least a way. when there is no way you can not go there. soul of human is from soul of God. the main function of soul is will and deciding and controlling body. soul is mixed into body and at death soul leave body starting from foot and step by step soul leave parts of body and finally soul leaves body from throat and at last moments of life foot and hand can not be moved by eye can see and finally soul leave body from throat soul order to brain and brain order to body. I am not sure but I think water is what soul can connect to brain using it. soul is not in this universe. soul belong to other universe parallel to this universe of material. and I think the only common thing between these two universe is water. I mean I think water is the only thing both soul and body see it. because soul is not material it need to connect to body that is material and I think this connection between these two universe is by water.(water is my idea and I am not sure about it)
    • Apr 19 2011: When you sleep your body is resting to enter it's repair mode. Think of it like performing diagnostics. What actually happens when you sleep is that your brain starts "checking" all of its neural connections and "lighting them up" randomly. This is why our dreams are sometimes strange, and why they seem to have a particular relevance to our daily lives. The more we think about certain
      things, the more our brain insulates certain pathways. When you sleep your brain "checks" those pathways.

      Also if the soul doesn't exist in space-time it cannot have any influence or force on space-time, this idea is fundamental.
      Will and controlling the body are clearly physical processes. The moving body part is indeed very obvious but maybe I would present this idea. When a neurosurgeon does work on a persons brain he shocks certain areas of the brain and observes the patient's reaction so as to find the area he is looking for, or to be sure not to impair function. He might ask the person to recite the ABC's, and when he shocks a certain area they cannot do it, or instead maybe they start twiddling their fingers. I don't think there is better evidence against the idea of true free will in particular, but also I do not think their is better evidence for human thought as a physical process.
      • Apr 19 2011: yes, when sleeping body and brain rest and check. but this can not explain dream. specially when you see future in dream. at sleeping soul is traveling while body and brain are resting.

        most scientists can NOT say "I do not know" so they try to say a reply to any problem. and themselves are not sure for this reply.

        our body including brain is material and material itself can not start movement. controlling body is physical and function of brain. but what controls brain? when you decide to move your hand what order to brain? brain is anyway material and material can not start movement itself. the first will is from soul and then this will affect brain and brain order to hand.
        soul has connection to body by brain and this connection is by water. brain is a terminal for connecting soul and body. water is an amazing material with connection to universe of soul.
        please look at amazing researches of professor emoto about water:
        water is the most amazing material in world.

        yes when shocking a point in brain there is a reflect in body. please note this is when a neurosurgeon do this shock and neurosurgeon has the role of will. but when there is no neurosurgeon and human decide to move his hand while there is no neurosurgeon, who do the role of neurosurgeon? it is soul. soul order to brain (like shock of neurosurgeon) and then brain do its work and send order to body.
        anyway brain is materiel (not important how much complex is brain) and material itself can not start movement and material just can transfer movement (Momentum)
        please read some about Momentum law in physics:
        when v1=0 so v2 is 0 anyway. so material itself can not start movement.
        material has no will.
        for example consider a robot. how robot start first movement? it has a program and program order to robot. but does a program can start with not pressing a start button? (will
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      May 2 2011: Hi Ahmadi

      "soul enter into dead body of human fetus at age of 4 month and make it alive"

      Why at 4 months?

      I understand it attaches at 21 days.

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