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Who has inspired you in your life and why?

In searching for inspiration, I would pose that someone who inspires is someone who has the ability to articulate what can be as opposed to what is. When I examine the figures of inspiration in my own life, I am struck by their ability to articulate and envision a world of what can be in contrast to what is. I think that inspirational figures can expand an individual's moral imagination and capacity for what can be done. For figures of inspiration, I would search for individuals like this, figures that can expand one's abilities and capacity for greatness in all forms.


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  • Nov 3 2013: The limited response is not indicative of the quality of the question. It is just a very diffuclt and personal question.
    People will find their inspiratioon in many different places because everyone is different and consequently what is inspirational to me might mean nothing to to anyone else.
    If you want inspiration the best bit of advice I have seen was to "try and move past cynicism". Probably means nothing to most other people. Good Luck!

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