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What issues should the U.S. Congress be addressing/prioritizing to prepare for a changing United States as we progress toward 2050?

As time passes, the United States will, more than likely, see changes within its demographics and its society as it gets closer and closer to 2050.

Data indicates that the U.S. population will not only grow but also see an increase in the aging of its citizens the closer we get to 2050. In addition, medical and technological advances will possibly enable people to live a longer, healthier, more productive life.

As well, some of the regions of the United States will see increases in terms of population which will stress the water resources and infrastructure of the area.

It is likely that many major cities will continue to be densely populated but many suburban areas will also experience tremendous growth.

Immigrant groups are also going to continue to grow and cultural, language, and educational needs are going to be addressed for this segment of the population.

Obviously, technology is advancing and this is going to impact things such as education, communication, and transportation in the near future, in 2050, and beyond

Furthermore, much of the infrastructure of the country is aging and in need of repair. Roads will possibly need to be widened to accommodate larger populations and bridges will have to be refurbished to ensure the safe travel of motorists and goods.

Overall, it is safe to say that the next 30+ years in the United States will bring about tremendous change.

As a result of these impending changes, amongst others, what issues should the lawmakers (Congress) of the United States be addressing and prioritizing to ensure that the citizens of the United States are adequately prepared when 2050 gets here?

This topic will be discussed/utilized in a high school class. Individuals are encouraged to comment and provide elaborate responses so that the high school students can evaluate and learn from your responses.

Thank you for your consideration in participating in this TED conversation.


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  • Nov 10 2013: Preparing for 2050 could include dismantling the industrial age rules and schedules created in the last 50 years.

    Beginning with energy. Congress' ability to enact an energy defense bill that deconstructs the electrical grid by replacing it with distributive solar. Congress could enable an auction for consortium's of multiple industries to bid on regions for the right to install and maintain a collective solar array on every brick and mortar structure with an electrical meter. The array could include wifi and cell phone signal boosting technology. The auction would include low cost energy development bonds and structure minimum and maximum targets on cost and implementation and other assorted means testing for DBA. Creating a new trillion dollar economy, producing a large number of new industry jobs and new investment outlooks.

    Congress could base the corporate tax rate on the number of employee's employed by a corporation including contract workers or employee's "doing work as" DWA. Contributing factors include the more employees at or above the new wage minimums the lower the corporate tax. And eliminating all taxes on earnings created outside the continental states.

    Allowing states to abolish the nine to five schedule for our school districts. Flexible day schedules to accommodate parents/workers shift schedules would contribute to higher grade satisfaction and lower class sizes. Allowing districts to hire permanent part time instructors, and allowing districts to cut costs by incorporating into their curriculum internet based instruction. Allowing districts to subject focus and allow districts to teach business curriculum k-12. Learning Flexibility is learning satisfaction.

    Congress would benefit by eliminating the authority of judges and magistrates to officiate all marriages. Further eliminating the judiciary's authority to impose stop or invalidate any law that congress has enacted without filing writ amending thelaw through the congressional process
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      Nov 11 2013: Be it in your or my country, the mention of congress amuses me. I hope you know which creature's collective noun it is.
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        Nov 11 2013: Some sources say the group designation for baboons. is "congress of baboons." But the term for a group of owls is "parliament of owls."
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        Nov 11 2013: Ironic statement from someone with your avitar?

        I don't think you should insult baboons like that.

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