Rodolfo Salazar

Digital Strategy and Reputation Consultant, Ideaworks International

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How can we move these types of discussions and conversation towards Latin America? This could change govrnments, lives, countries for good

Historically the regoin, the culture, the countries in Latin America have been sourounded by lack of transparency. What can we all do to promote these experiences in the region

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    Apr 18 2011: You should start by putting together a TEDx event. Go to the link in the page header to read more about them.
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    Jun 20 2011: Hello Ramiro, thanks for your comment, would you be interested in contributing to make this happen?
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      Jul 10 2011: Sure, Rodolfo. I'm almost new to this fantastic TED world. And I don't understand so well its mechanism, yet. However, I do understand that people in TED want to make some kind of improvement to society. I'm sorry for re-entering TED several weeks before the last time I did. I had lots of work for doing. In any case, I come back to the original thread of conversation. I'm ready for contributing in making a kind of event powered and engineered by TED people. I belong to Facultad de Ingeniería en Geología, Minas, Petróleos y Ambiental of Universidad Central del Ecuador. I'm a mathematical engineer, but I also have some other skills and knowledge that can support this kind of enterprise. If you consider that it's a good idea to exchange information and criteria with me, then you can even e-mail me to the next address:

      By the way, you may write to me in plain Spanish, if you wish. Whatever human language serves for communication purposes as well. Kind regards.
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    Jun 17 2011: Did you see Erik Richardson's comment about your idea? The key is that we, Latin American people, must start some kind of common initiative in order to build a TEDx LatinAmerican subnetwork able to perform a series of events interesting and useful for the whole of us, and that these series of events can be performed along all of our countries. Let's begin with this kind of good idea and we will see if TED can do something for us. I'm absolutely sure it will do.