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Public Response to GMOs

In today's world when people prefer organic vegetables and ayurvedic medicines as compared to vegetables grown using pesticides and synthetically produced medicines , what response will the public have for Genetically Modified Organisms? Will they carry forward the trend of having customized organisms or will be a hindrance to evolution and prefer the same old stuff?


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  • Nov 1 2013: ps i don't work for big agriculture but i am a lover of truth by scientific method
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      Nov 6 2013: "...truth by scientific method"

      Does that mean your 'truth' by scientific method is better than these 'truths' by scientific method?...

      Séralini G. E., Clair E., Mesnage R., Gress S., Defarge N., Malatesta M., Hennequin D., de Vendômois J.S. Long term toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a Roundup-tolerant genetically modified maize; Food and Chemical Toxicology Vol. 50 ( 11), 2012, 4221–4231.

      and this scientific method:

      Chavarro J.E., Toth T.L., Sadio S.M. i wsp., Soy food and isoflavone intake in relation to semen quality parameters among men from an infertility clinic. Hum Reprod.,2008, 23(11), 2584-90.

      ...and many other "truths by scientific method", seemingly at odds with each other!

      If "truth by scientific method" is so hopelessly variable, can it therefore still be called 'truth'?

      If not truth, then what else is going on? What is it that drives such a breadth of variability in what is deemed as 'certain' and what is not?

      I'm not pointing a finger at you specifically, Scott - it is more a general point that I am striving to understand.

      Can "truth by scientific method" be cherry-picked to bolster ideologies and even help to confirm stances of denialism?

      Can you help to clarify?
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        Nov 6 2013: You are right, but that means that just referring to one study doesn't cut it. One has to analyze studies, what are the methods used, who commissioned them, etc
        In other words, to get a clearer picture you have to do a meta study on studies about a specific subject and then keep digging deeper.
        That's when you read a scientific book you'll find pages over pages of references to other material.

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