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Public Response to GMOs

In today's world when people prefer organic vegetables and ayurvedic medicines as compared to vegetables grown using pesticides and synthetically produced medicines , what response will the public have for Genetically Modified Organisms? Will they carry forward the trend of having customized organisms or will be a hindrance to evolution and prefer the same old stuff?


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  • Oct 31 2013: It is very simple. If people refuse to buy GMOs then they will stop selling them.
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      Oct 31 2013: For that you have to know when you are exposed to GMOs, which mostly is not the case.
      • Oct 31 2013: I think it is pretty safe to say that anything you buy that is not clearly labeled as organic or non-GMO is probably GMO. That is part of the reason that I grow most of my own veggies in my backyard. In 300 square feet I'm able to grow about 75% of our vegetables. (2 people)
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          Oct 31 2013: I agree. but GMOs go much further than just your veggies. You will, inevitably find them also in animal based food because they are fed with GMOs.
          I think, most if not all of us consume GMOs directly or indirectly without even knowing it.

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