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Engineered Bacteria to destroy Viral particles

The basic idea is to use the receptor that any particular virus binds to in order to enter the cell, as a sort of trap for the viral capsid. This would be done by using the receptor to activate a signaling pathway that would cause the golgi to send a transport membrane to the receptor that is being infected to capture the capsid as it enters the cell so the viral proteins and viral genetic material would be transported outside of the cell where they would be oxidized and thus be incapable of replicating within the cell.

For DNA viruses if DNA helicase (or any protein of a similar function) was sent with the transport membrane then it could help to break apart the DNA so it then could be oxidized.

If this could be demonstrated to be functional in a culture then perhaps it could eventually be used in vaccinations to cure various viral infections and even potentially be put to commercial use for the sake of adding to things like hand soaps or house hold cleaners to eradicate any particular virus that uses a . particular receptor. This could be a cheap way to completely get rid of particular strand of viruses entirely and thus could provide a cheap alternative to annual vaccinations.

Once this is done with one receptor type all that would need to be done is the changing of the receptor the bacteria uses to trap the virus, and then it would kill an entirely different type of virus strand.