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At what point was your epiphany that you were suffering from depression? How did you know it was depression?

It's difficult to face the challenge if one is unaware. Growth in a person starts with self-awareness. The old adage, "It's always darkest at dawn" is a symbol of people turning their lives around to live with purpose.


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  • Nov 26 2013: With me it could all be traced back to a childhood, teenage years and agood amount of adulthood filled with abuse of Everykind. I sit daily and contemplate if things would just be better or easier if I was gone.The Only thing that keeps me going on a daily basis is the thought that, just maybe, things will be better tomorrow. Is this depression, I don't know, but this is how I live my daily life. You ask if there was an "epiphany" that came upon the realization of depression. For me there was not, just a stronger and stronger feeling of... unworthyness.. On the outside everyone I know see's me as a funny, positive person they can share their troubles with. On the inside when alone I am screaming in my head for something I don't know how to describe! Is the next day better? Sometimes yes and sometimes far worse, but life still goes on with me so far.As a note, I find it interesting that there are not more comments on your question. Maybe the stigma is to powerful to bring others out and try to explain what they to go through on a daily basis. The thing that keeps them from saying , Today I die... I hope this gives you some insight. R.S...

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