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What can we do to improve human population control?

Besides world hunger, poverty and inequality, humanity faces another social phenoma: over-population. I recently read Dan Brown's newly published book Inferno. The book talks about over-population and (spoiler alert!) how a plague was produced to leave 1/3 of the population infertile.

It got me thinking, if we did find the technology to do this, would we do it? Should we? Then again, isn't reproduction a basic human right? Yet, this same right is making our already limited resources even more limited.

What do you think fellow TEDizens. Are we taking enough initiative as it is regarding birth control? Are campaings of contraceptive methods enough or should we have a more radical approach? There are already countries that support the idea of population control, amidst them China and India. Is this enough?

Let me know what you think.


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    Nov 2 2013: I always read these questions and tell myself..."don't get sucked in Glenn, there is no right answer here", but of course here I am. I guess first I would ask are we just concerned that we won't be able to sustain our current level of comfort / level of luxury or are we talking a future where we have made every effort and sacrifice to support and sustain the population by all other options? I also want to know has anyone considered this type of thinking may well lead to eliminating the elderly? What if instead of taking away the ability to reproduce, they just euthanized your grandparents? Your parents? Or..you? Maybe we will all be placed on trial and a jury will deliberate on what contribution we make to society..and if they find we are not our brothers keepers we will find ourselves with an appointment with the "hangman". What is the larger moral abrasion? Taking away the potential to give birth to the next genius (who may well solve all of our problems) or eliminate the wasteful leak in the drain of our resources..who ultimately had a chance to live a little?

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