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What can we do to improve human population control?

Besides world hunger, poverty and inequality, humanity faces another social phenoma: over-population. I recently read Dan Brown's newly published book Inferno. The book talks about over-population and (spoiler alert!) how a plague was produced to leave 1/3 of the population infertile.

It got me thinking, if we did find the technology to do this, would we do it? Should we? Then again, isn't reproduction a basic human right? Yet, this same right is making our already limited resources even more limited.

What do you think fellow TEDizens. Are we taking enough initiative as it is regarding birth control? Are campaings of contraceptive methods enough or should we have a more radical approach? There are already countries that support the idea of population control, amidst them China and India. Is this enough?

Let me know what you think.


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    Oct 29 2013: Any control that impinges on human rights will not work, but there is a simple solution. Educate the global population!

    Too many people live and proliferate devoid of a global perspective. A powerful reproductive drive may not apply to all who read this, but for our species' success, it has been... well... rather important. Nearly all of our diverse and previously isolated cultures revere children... and many enjoy the act of making them. Some cultures just haven't gotten the memo. We are unfortunately running out of resources to fuel a technological and intellectual society, and everything would work better if we had less people. Or, we could continue our rabbitlike trend and revert back toward a more "natural" and "simple" lifestyle (and be subjected to the violent, apathetic whims of the universe).

    No, I would rather share information, and hope that my planetary companions see an obvious truth and make necessary decisions of their own free will.

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