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What 3D printing means for the Fashion Industry?

There is a lot on TED Talks about 3D Printing and what it will mean for the meat/food industry, the healthcare industry and organ creation/production, the gun industry and even jumbo jets! My question or proposition to the TED community is where do you see 3D printing fitting into the fashion industry? Will it be purely for niche high fashion couturiers or will it be accepted into mass manufacture and used in the mass customisation of products?

  • Oct 28 2013: Funny you should mention this. My wife watches a show called Project Runway and one of the finalist was a design professor at the University of North Carolina. He designed jewelry and belts for his line of clothes with 3D printing.

    I think this just the start and we may see actual clothes printed.
  • Nov 9 2013: Really amazing,I read a news which was about a hospital printed kidney with 3D printer to use in operation.and the patient is alive.Nothing is impossible now...we are looking forward to printing anything we want with 3D printer?or...
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    Oct 29 2013: I think it may help people to design and print some fashionable accessories of their own styles on site.