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Do you believe there is a shadow government in the USA.

George Soros is said to be the architect of the US Shadow Government in the United States and funds many of the subversive groups associated with that effort. One of the most powerful men in Washington runs the shadow Government ... Harold Ickes. That is if you believe that it exists.

Soros is the most frequent visitor to the White House with almost as many visits as Labor Unions.

Soros and Ickes are described as the most powerful people in Politics and the real power and decision makers in Washington .. thus Shadow Government.

What do you think?


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  • Nov 12 2013: Then every government is a shadow government that allows for financial contribution. A true shadow government doesn't just spend money, they get the person elected dispite the way the vote goes. Do you think soros would dictate obama to create obama care? Umm no, so common man this is the definition of conspiracy theory. You think soros is the illiminati? Do you think roswell held aliens, 911 was an inside job, we didn't walk on the moon and global climate change is a left wing rouse? Humans like to make connections where none exist but you sound a bit crazy to be a tedster, no offense. If I had billions I would sure as hell spend some to try to change wshington too as would any other person.
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      Nov 12 2013: Wow, Scott, you go off the deep end quick. I only ask you to draw your own conclusions ... from there we arrived that "I am crazy ... no offense".

      You have stated you want one world government .... It would seem I have hit a nerve with you in asking this question and you have come to the administrations defense. Trying to spin off the topic at hand does not change the facts ... Soros and Ickes do hold much sway in Washington and this administration.

      I will put you down as a NO to this question and move on.

      Thanks for your reply. Bob.
      • Nov 12 2013: First off, I did draw my own conclusion and I stated it, I did not say you are crazy I merely asked if you think those things because studies hve shown that suspician of government has a strong corolation with conspiracy theories. I said you sound crazy not that you are.

        Second, studies have shown that in order to move on to become a level 1 civilization according to asamov we must have a global government and illiminate nationalism and infighting, so yes I am pro world government. I am also not a democrat nor republican. If you want to put me in a bo then maybe socialist would be more appropriate but it must be a democratically driven socialism. I also believe that there should be limits on campaign contribution and no corporate contributions. Just want to make that clear.

        I did agree that soros does donate to further his own interests but so does every other billionaire and many millionaires. You replied that soros and ikes hold much sway, no arguement here. That is what I said in my original post, sway is not equal to shadow government

        I also agree let's move on and agree to disagree

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