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Do you believe there is a shadow government in the USA.

George Soros is said to be the architect of the US Shadow Government in the United States and funds many of the subversive groups associated with that effort. One of the most powerful men in Washington runs the shadow Government ... Harold Ickes. That is if you believe that it exists.

Soros is the most frequent visitor to the White House with almost as many visits as Labor Unions.

Soros and Ickes are described as the most powerful people in Politics and the real power and decision makers in Washington .. thus Shadow Government.

What do you think?


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    Nov 12 2013: Easy.
    Certainly there is a shadow but brilliant government in the USA.
    The Federal Reserve controls the US and belongs to the elite Jews of the World.
    Also the Media that belongs to the Jew Community.
    Then the Academic Arena controlled by the Jews.
    Then the Army controlled by the President, which is controlled by the FED.
    Then who is in Charge?

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