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Do you believe there is a shadow government in the USA.

George Soros is said to be the architect of the US Shadow Government in the United States and funds many of the subversive groups associated with that effort. One of the most powerful men in Washington runs the shadow Government ... Harold Ickes. That is if you believe that it exists.

Soros is the most frequent visitor to the White House with almost as many visits as Labor Unions.

Soros and Ickes are described as the most powerful people in Politics and the real power and decision makers in Washington .. thus Shadow Government.

What do you think?

  • Nov 14 2013: Back in my sinning days...

    Inside my town's small local Post Office.
    I would receive postal money orders in payment for my books that were sent COD.
    I cashed them right at the Post Office.
    Not a big deal. Less than $50 a book. About learning a specialized business.

    But it had to have been interesting to law enforcement, and to my local Postmaster.
    My friend, who knew, told me that my mail was being opened and read by the local
    Postmaster, at the request of a Police Detective from a nearby city.

    The whys are not important.
    What is important, is that Police and Postmasters can open your mail
    anytime they want to. Privacy has never really existed.
    They all just deny that it happens.

    In small towns, when a new resident is away, there is an unspoken practice
    where the Police enter and look through everything.

    Shadow government? Look for the guy on the street, with the badge.
    Or the postal clerk. They are all driven by curiosity. And are never caught.
    A story --
    I was starting a new home business. Across the street stood a 10 foot palm tree
    in front of a window. One day it was cut down. I noted a small hole in the center
    of the window shade, and I thought; Wow, Someone is watching me.
    I must be paranoid.

    Later that afternoon, I drove on the beach road toward my bank. I passed two men
    wearing suits. They appeared to have suddenly recognized me, and turned away.
    Strange behavior, I thought. Why would anyone be wearing a suit at the beach
    on such a warm day.
    The following Tuesday, a Police Detective showed me his search warrant.
    I had planned to stop writing this, at this point.

    But this was too funny not to tell you.
    The search warrant was defective.
    It was written for an address in another county.
    The really dumb cop didn't read the thing.
    I invited them in anyway.

    Maybe a shadow government could be a good thing.
    Ya think?
  • Nov 14 2013: Robert, the same thing happened just now.
    I opened my old Windows Word program.
    Microsoft is requiring a new EULA be signed there also.

    Something is not Kosher with Microsoft.

    Please read both my submissions for today, and let me know
    if you think that I am making to much of this occurrence.

    I will appreciate it.
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      Nov 14 2013: Frank, I do not understand these things such as EULA .... I am pretty sure that there are ways to track users over the internet ... if you were in big trouble they would be at your door .... So my advice is on the most basic level. Read up on EULA's and find out what the lines of authority on your side and their side is .... if you do not understand then call the company help line and have then explain it.

      You do not have to say you were using a old version ... just ask them about if you agree to a EULA and apply it to your business is there ever a chance you would lose all of the data when support stops.

      Shadow governments are interested in pulling the strings behind the scenes .... they control the face ... They would make the face put changes into effect that would best fit their long range objectives. Such as implementing the tools of socialism to undermine our Republic.

      Wish I could help you .... that is way out of my league.

      Best of luck .... Bob.
  • Nov 14 2013: I don't know about Shadow Government being at fault
    with what has just occurred with Microsoft's Excel Spreadsheets.
    But, I am getting scared.

    I have been critical of the NSA-DHS-GCHQ-Microsoft connections.
    Many years ago, I had Lotus 123 spreadsheet software that I used to create a program
    that allowed me to handicap horse races in a competitive fashion.

    Along comes Microsoft with 95/98/Me/XP. I gradually was lured away to use Excel
    spreadsheet software. Never as good as Lotus, but worked for my needs. Recently
    Microsoft sold me Windows8, and then an upgrade to Windows8.1. I bought the deal.

    I found immediately that this new software was social software, and Excel was to be
    purchased separately at $9 per month, or $99 per year. I looked it over, and declined
    to buy it.

    After all, I had my older Excel. Why buy new?
    So, when Microsoft displayed a notice that my old Excel 2001 wasn't supported, I ignored it.
    I had never had any virus or other nasty thing, and Windows8.1 did not give me Excel.
    TODAY --
    A couple of minutes ago, just as I returned to my old Excel to continue my working.

    A Notice appeared from Microsoft, (a One-Way Missile, with no one to respond to).
    It stated --
    "You must accept the End User License Agreement (EULA) to use this software.
    If you don't accept, this application will quit."

    A threat?
    It was a phrase that I could not copy.
    I am old as dirt, 75 years old.
    I had to rewrite it with my very faulty memory. But, I got it right.

    I hit "Decline" and MY OLD EXCEL was gone. POOF !!
    Following that Phrase, in a box, was the EULA starting with the following expression...
    (NON-OPERATING SYSTEM) blah blah blah.
    Pirates that take my money need be stopped.
    I do not consider this merely a mistake. 20 years of hard work designing my spreadsheet
    program, and some jerk at Microsoft is going to steal it?

    What would you do?
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    Nov 12 2013: If by shadow you mean those pulling the strings behind the scene, then sure there is and there always has been, not just in the U.S. but behind practically every 'government' that has existed. Since governments are all about power and control of whole populations they are an open invitation to every form of corrupting influence and rampant self-interest as well as the benevolent and the idealistic. Political parties are simply the stage performance keeping us from looking behind the curtains.

    Those Influences are being played out daily in the very real life game we call "politics" and all are vying to manipulate the levers of control (government) so they can then exert power (influence) in some public arena or another. Some for the greater good, far more for their own self interests. All working from the shadows. Some have been far more successful than others is all. Has everyone seen the movie Wag the Dog?

    So grab a drink and a snack, enjoy the performance or boo the performers just as long as you keep paying the cover charges.. But if you go peeking behind the curtains the management takes no responsibility for your disappointment or disgust.

    Btw, I hear Soros has been spending some of his billions promoting democratic governance in the old USSR regions. Is Soros perhaps trying to introduce the concept to US officials as well?
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    Nov 12 2013: Easy.
    Certainly there is a shadow but brilliant government in the USA.
    The Federal Reserve controls the US and belongs to the elite Jews of the World.
    Also the Media that belongs to the Jew Community.
    Then the Academic Arena controlled by the Jews.
    Then the Army controlled by the President, which is controlled by the FED.
    Then who is in Charge?
  • Nov 12 2013: My shadow has a shadow.

    Yes there is layers of power.

    Regardless there is still the USA government which may be a shadow but whats the difference between comparing two shadows when the actions remain the same.
  • Nov 12 2013: Then every government is a shadow government that allows for financial contribution. A true shadow government doesn't just spend money, they get the person elected dispite the way the vote goes. Do you think soros would dictate obama to create obama care? Umm no, so common man this is the definition of conspiracy theory. You think soros is the illiminati? Do you think roswell held aliens, 911 was an inside job, we didn't walk on the moon and global climate change is a left wing rouse? Humans like to make connections where none exist but you sound a bit crazy to be a tedster, no offense. If I had billions I would sure as hell spend some to try to change wshington too as would any other person.
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      Nov 12 2013: Wow, Scott, you go off the deep end quick. I only ask you to draw your own conclusions ... from there we arrived that "I am crazy ... no offense".

      You have stated you want one world government .... It would seem I have hit a nerve with you in asking this question and you have come to the administrations defense. Trying to spin off the topic at hand does not change the facts ... Soros and Ickes do hold much sway in Washington and this administration.

      I will put you down as a NO to this question and move on.

      Thanks for your reply. Bob.
      • Nov 12 2013: First off, I did draw my own conclusion and I stated it, I did not say you are crazy I merely asked if you think those things because studies hve shown that suspician of government has a strong corolation with conspiracy theories. I said you sound crazy not that you are.

        Second, studies have shown that in order to move on to become a level 1 civilization according to asamov we must have a global government and illiminate nationalism and infighting, so yes I am pro world government. I am also not a democrat nor republican. If you want to put me in a bo then maybe socialist would be more appropriate but it must be a democratically driven socialism. I also believe that there should be limits on campaign contribution and no corporate contributions. Just want to make that clear.

        I did agree that soros does donate to further his own interests but so does every other billionaire and many millionaires. You replied that soros and ikes hold much sway, no arguement here. That is what I said in my original post, sway is not equal to shadow government

        I also agree let's move on and agree to disagree
  • Nov 11 2013: No, however money does make power in many cases, so i have no doubt that government is heavily influenced by those who have money. Are there more nuances to global politics than any one person can understand? yes. Are billionaires dumb? usually not. will they use their money to benefit themselves and their compatriots? yes. Is it a shadow government when they do? no. Should we try to limit their power and reserve power for the people? yes, it is in our constitution that this is a government made by the people for the people and for good reason. We have strayed from that ideology in favor of living our lives as our own when it is our duty to live our lives in a manner that creates a strong union of states, and citizens as one nation. Soros isn't even american so i would hope he doesn't have power over the government of the US.
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      Nov 12 2013: Soros is a naturalized citizen since 1961. He IS a major force in the democratic party and funds approximately 60 plus far left political sites. His goal is One World Government. He is a frequent White House visitor and holds much sway in both the Clinton and Obama administrations.

      You can read for yourself about George Soros and Harold Ickes and the relationship with the clintons and Obamas. Draw your own conclusions.

      Also there are many articles on Shadow governments in which Soros and Ickes are mentioned often in each article.

      As for the power resting with the people ... politicians have two objectives getting elected and getting re-elected. They used their position and power to generate political and personal wealth ... the "people" are the least of their concerns. They have become elitists and have often voted themselves above the law of the land. The "We the People" only applies to the general election.

      Thanks for the reply. Bob.
      • Nov 12 2013: I stand corrected, i agree we need a world government but I still cannot believe in a shadow government in the context of a conspiracy beyond money influencing policy and getting candidates elected.
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          Nov 12 2013: Let me see .... your backers spend big bucks ... get you elected ... and then dictate to you national policy ... as you state above.

          Yeah if that works why do we need a shadow government ... OR ... is that a shadow government? Yep by golly thats it.
  • Oct 30 2013: I feel Shadow Government has extended connotations that don't necessarily apply, however I would agree that our political heads are being more heavily influenced by the money and power then by the will of the people or the greater good (Which are not necessarily the same)
  • Oct 29 2013: Not sure but it has happened in the past, so I would not be surprised
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    Oct 28 2013: definitely. and they use talons to eliminate their opponents.
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    Oct 28 2013: It depends what you mean with shadow government.
    It's no secret that money decides what happens in politics.
    Good example are the Koch brothers. Although I wouldn't call that shadow government, it's still bad for society because decisions are made based on who has the deeper pockets and not the best ideas.
    • Timo X

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      Oct 29 2013: But would the best ideas surface in e.g. a Marxist society or any other where wealth considerations are not a concern? I doubt it: democracy is also limited by the rationality and knowledge of its constituents. Such are the flaws of the system.
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    Oct 28 2013: Well one thing seems to be a fairly clear - an accelerating trend and development in the last 20 years or so, whereby governments less and less fulfill their mandate to govern for the good of the whole population, and more and more for the already rich and powerful - just about everywhere, not just USA.
    Does that mean a "shadow government" is pulling the strings in its favour? Given the increasing amount of secrecy at the top, one would not be surprised.
    The bail-out of the banks at the taxpayers' expense world-wide, and the lack of new regulations of the banking industry after 2008 certainly point in this direction. This was governments' big chance to prove they were in charge for the good of the whole; they failed miserably. Why? Either because they couldn't; or wouldn't. Both are unacceptable.
    • Nov 6 2013: Joshua, you have a good handle on this subject.

      Notice how the Congress, and our President, and the Military are all
      quiet as church mice about the secrecy of our government.

      Instead of Boldly shuttering GITMO, and Stopping the WARS,
      Obama reneged, and like an Eveready Battery, he just keeps killing.

      Now we find, the NSA is the bad guy. But, the Military is running it.
      Can it be the Military is running the nation as the "shadow government"?
      It works in Egypt. It has happened many times in many nations.
      Fed until Fat with taxes. Militaries grow and overcome Politicians.

      Please don;t say "It can't happen here." It already has.
      I'm going to do a new research project on "Before the Bail-Out Happened".

      I recall that there was a national audit of most banks prior to the Bail-Out
      when Henry Paulson convinced then President Bush, and Candidates Obama,
      and McClain that "The Sky is Falling".

      Goldman Sachs had suckered AIG with idiot-investments schemes, while Fanny,
      Freddie and Ginny were going broke with bad Mortgage paper, and the Treasury
      was being run the NyFED. Then Congress was scammed for all the cash we had,
      and the fools sent it to the Banks.

      Remember how the big Banks ate all the small ones?
      Since the new "Modern History from 1760 to the Present Day" was written by a
      CIA ex-employee, our kids might not get the full flavor of our "being had".
      I bet the kids will really enjoy their Text Books... LOL