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Do you believe there is a shadow government in the USA.

George Soros is said to be the architect of the US Shadow Government in the United States and funds many of the subversive groups associated with that effort. One of the most powerful men in Washington runs the shadow Government ... Harold Ickes. That is if you believe that it exists.

Soros is the most frequent visitor to the White House with almost as many visits as Labor Unions.

Soros and Ickes are described as the most powerful people in Politics and the real power and decision makers in Washington .. thus Shadow Government.

What do you think?


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  • Nov 11 2013: No, however money does make power in many cases, so i have no doubt that government is heavily influenced by those who have money. Are there more nuances to global politics than any one person can understand? yes. Are billionaires dumb? usually not. will they use their money to benefit themselves and their compatriots? yes. Is it a shadow government when they do? no. Should we try to limit their power and reserve power for the people? yes, it is in our constitution that this is a government made by the people for the people and for good reason. We have strayed from that ideology in favor of living our lives as our own when it is our duty to live our lives in a manner that creates a strong union of states, and citizens as one nation. Soros isn't even american so i would hope he doesn't have power over the government of the US.
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      Nov 12 2013: Soros is a naturalized citizen since 1961. He IS a major force in the democratic party and funds approximately 60 plus far left political sites. His goal is One World Government. He is a frequent White House visitor and holds much sway in both the Clinton and Obama administrations.

      You can read for yourself about George Soros and Harold Ickes and the relationship with the clintons and Obamas. Draw your own conclusions.

      Also there are many articles on Shadow governments in which Soros and Ickes are mentioned often in each article.

      As for the power resting with the people ... politicians have two objectives getting elected and getting re-elected. They used their position and power to generate political and personal wealth ... the "people" are the least of their concerns. They have become elitists and have often voted themselves above the law of the land. The "We the People" only applies to the general election.

      Thanks for the reply. Bob.
      • Nov 12 2013: I stand corrected, i agree we need a world government but I still cannot believe in a shadow government in the context of a conspiracy beyond money influencing policy and getting candidates elected.
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          Nov 12 2013: Let me see .... your backers spend big bucks ... get you elected ... and then dictate to you national policy ... as you state above.

          Yeah if that works why do we need a shadow government ... OR ... is that a shadow government? Yep by golly thats it.

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