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Is the Internet a "US colony" Now?

F-Secure’s chief research officer Mikko Hypponen argued that the internet had "become a US colony" at the expense of democracy. "We’re back in the age of colonisation," he said. Bruce Schneier of The Atlantic mentions one reason for power play on the Net: 'The Internet has emboldened traditional power as well.'


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    Nov 7 2013: A very relevant update:

    Surveillance and Human Rights: A balancing act or two sides of the same coin?

    'From the high-level pre-event on “Cyber Ethics” when Citizen Lab director Ron Deibert opened his remarks by mentioning the “E” word-- “Edward”, as in Edward Snowden-- to the final main session on “Internet Surveillance,” surveillance and human rights was a major theme.

    'The “Internet Surveillance” main session, which included representatives from the U.S. government, Google, civil society, the technical community, and others revealed a critical difference in government views on the relationship between surveillance and human rights and are worth noting here...'

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