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1900's movie VS today's movie

We all watched movie in every weekend or even a day. we know Like Hollywood use too much technology while making a movie. But the story writing is really good from previous movie like 1900's movie. I guess the story of today's movie sometimes its good well but sometimes its very bad. Its not good from the earlier movie . In earlier movie is making for people not only for business but also for our culture, life-story and many thing. Now its completely different. now its only for business. like for example God father, Shaw shank redemption these are some kinds of extraordinary movie. its also based on some good story. What you think as for story is today's movie are better than previous ? How it will affect our today's generation ?


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  • Nov 8 2013: I understand where you're coming from but I think that today's movies are just as excellent. Many talented scriptwriters and directors are being recognized and given a wonderful platform on the internet, which was not possible before. There is a huge creativity flow online and I have been very happy and satisfied with some of the recent movies.

    And there will also be great books that will be turned into good movies hopefully.

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