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1900's movie VS today's movie

We all watched movie in every weekend or even a day. we know Like Hollywood use too much technology while making a movie. But the story writing is really good from previous movie like 1900's movie. I guess the story of today's movie sometimes its good well but sometimes its very bad. Its not good from the earlier movie . In earlier movie is making for people not only for business but also for our culture, life-story and many thing. Now its completely different. now its only for business. like for example God father, Shaw shank redemption these are some kinds of extraordinary movie. its also based on some good story. What you think as for story is today's movie are better than previous ? How it will affect our today's generation ?


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    Oct 25 2013: Funny you should mention it, I just found my way out of Man of Steel.
    This is the worst writing I've seen since, well since Chris Nolan's previous works. Of course, his batmans and this superman will be forgotten when the generation currently aged 13 dies with it in a few decades. But still, there's something wrong with our system.
    Once upon a time, actors sucked ass, because people didn't mind and because of the star-system that priviledged godlike personnalities over opening up to talent. Today the same is happening with writers. Why the FUCK didn't Cameron pay a student a thousand bucks to write his piece of crap Avatar for him?
    Perhaps the audience doesn't give a shit about characters and dialogue anymore, as anyone who's tried watching half an hour of Game of Thrones will have noticed.
    Perhaps people get their kicks when things are kept at video-game level of symbolic complexity, and are freed to focus on the details in the fake CGI backgrounds.
    Yeah I'm pissed off. And having to listen yet again to how Heath Ledger's Joker was so fantastic is utterly depressing me. I have kids. I'm fucking concerned. You know?
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      Oct 26 2013: Actually Gerald, I don't believe one can easily say that once upon a time actors "sucked" or that current screen writers are bad. Society evolves, and evolution doesn't exactly mean improvement. Acting back in the day was different; as was language and social concerns and a lot of things. Acting was primarily drama, which means exaggeration. As for current movies, writers are only satisfying what the current media imposed as "in." At the moment the Hollywood industry is all about Comics, book adaptations and sci-if. We are exploring the limits of our technology to represent fantasy in movies. It is not so much about characters and plot as it used to be, but reality emulation and how real they can make it feel. Now, whether you liked the Joker, that is personal preference. But there are marvelous movies out there, sadly they do not meet the current medias criteria for being a best seller. Think of it this way, when the first King Kong was released, someone must've hated it big time. It's all about popular demand, but that too will shift and change.
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        Oct 26 2013: Thanks for the optimistic tone. You're probably right about the technological challenges weighing both on the video game and the movie industry.
        And you're right, there are great movies out there, better than ever.
        I just had to get Christopher Nolan out of my system, really.
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      Oct 26 2013: Did the kids also hate Man of Steel? (Disclaimer: I have not seen Man of Steel. I did see Superman with Christopher Reeve).

      The biggest movie disappointment to me was The Dark Is Rising, the movie version of a fantastic children's book.There has in the last twenty years been some excellent fiction for children.

      Are your kids teens, Gerald, or younger?
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        Oct 26 2013: They're younger and spared for now...
        Another disapointment ; the violence, the explosions, the destruction in movies with dialogues for, clearly, ten year olds.

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