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gathering intelligence to fix the world

I have an idea to create some kind of social game. The game would be a simulation of the world with real world statistics based on reliable internet sources and software. I want to ask everyone to participate in the game by simulating a real world problem and ask for solutions. Then, judging by the reliable statistics find out the effects on the simulated world. The world would change based off of popular opinion and most thought out understanding of the problem. The idea is to change the world, to find out if popular opinion would fix the world and its problems or make it worse. The idea is to have some proof to show the world either we need leaders or, that we can truly survive as a society when we all help to make the right choices. I don't know anything about programming, I know very little about computers but I just feel we are capable of something like this and should try it. Another reason for this idea is to find solutions to problems we might never have thought of before.