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Is enculturation is a good thing or a bad thing in terms of individuality and freedom of expression?

I am a student in a grad school in New York City and recently came across the concept of Enculturation. Coming from India, a country that is rich in culture and has strictly defined 'rules' in society in terms of acceptable behavior and habits I was forced to question if enculturation has more positive or negative impact on a individual when it comes down to developing a sense of individuality and freedom to express opinions.


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    Nov 9 2013: If you are talking about the caste system it seems very negative from a western liberal perspective.
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      Nov 9 2013: Yet the caste system did provide stability and to be perfectly honest, the caste system seems to be more of a way in which socioeconomic stratification was explained before "modern" theories on economics and sociology were established.
    • Nov 13 2013: Westerners live in a caste system, it's just a wage based caste. People from different classes are treated differently. So to say that we don't have one is a lie, modern economics is nothing more then religion to cover up the caste based nature of western society.

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