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Is enculturation is a good thing or a bad thing in terms of individuality and freedom of expression?

I am a student in a grad school in New York City and recently came across the concept of Enculturation. Coming from India, a country that is rich in culture and has strictly defined 'rules' in society in terms of acceptable behavior and habits I was forced to question if enculturation has more positive or negative impact on a individual when it comes down to developing a sense of individuality and freedom to express opinions.


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  • Nov 10 2013: I am interested to hear more! The Mars Hill Audio Report about chemist turned philosopher Michael Polanyi first got me thinking about the failure of rationalism and the pendulum swing to the opposite - relativism. I wonder how this might fit in with Polanyi's thought. Are you familiar with his theory of knowledge?
    • Nov 10 2013: Jimmy,

      Please elaborate on the theory of knowledge you pointed to...
      I thought that the opposite of relativism was absolutism
      and the opposite of the rationalism was empiricism
      both the relativist and the absolutist could be could be rationalists or empiricists

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