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Are the T.E.A. commentators correct?

In a recent article in the local paper, a member of the Taxed Enough Already association asserted that his association was concerned on the expansion of the Federal Government into areas that were not addressed in the US Constitution and consuming excessive tax monies to ineffectively effect the outcomes. He made strong arguments for his case.
He went on to state that bureaucracies tend to grow like a cancer feeding on a healthy government until the time of it's demise.
I thought that it was a little overstated.
And then I remembered and old comedy show where the premise was based on writing of a former British bureaucrat who formulated Parkinson Law.
It says that officials want to expand the number of subordinates and limit their
rivals and they want to make work for their colleagues. It also address that the time to do work is the time allotted.
This seems to be true. I look at Federal Secretariats that have been created in the last 50 years in health, education, and poverty and we now have more poor, uneducated and sick people then ever...
We have a Department of Agriculture that has almost as many employees as farmers in the country.
Maybe these T.E.A people are on to something..


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