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If the cure for mortality is found within your lifetime, would you go for it and become immortal?

On the one hand, we're not made for eternal youth. And one could argue that knowing life is short (or just limited) is what makes it worth living. And perhaps death is a major spiritual part of life, whether you believe in a soul or in a metaphorical one.
On the other hand, how is aging yet not another disease? Dying at age 80 is no more a "natural" death than being eaten alive by a bear or killed by malaria. In fact, "old age" is probably the most unnatural cause of death, statistically. So all that's probably just a cultural habit : diseases are evil but aging is good. Another point is that, well, things have changed. Perhaps our new environment makes it suitable for immortal youths.
And of course, becoming immortal only means that you die when YOU chose to die.

So would you go for the injection or not, and how do you rationalize your decision?



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  • Nov 16 2013: Remember, before you read my comments, they are my personal views for me only. I am not converting anyone to these views. I do not wish to argue anyone about the views just chime in what another person feels about the conversation material content only.

    The hospitals and doctors offices are always full of people seeking to get better from whatever health ailment is plaguing them.

    The various religions that teach an eternal life after this mortal life are usually full of believers generation after generation.

    The stories you hear how grateful people are that survive cancer, other health issues, disasters such as tornadoes, earthquakes, etc.

    81% of surveyed Americans believe in life after death.

    What is the point of these comments I have written above? The point being that most of us do not want sickness, death or ageing in our lives. We simply do not need or want these to happen to us. Most of us no matter how worn out and tired we are of life would still choose to live instead of die.

    We still do not know despite all the great scientific, theistic and philosophic theories and purported answers to the basic questions of why and how life and the universe exists, exactly why and how the universe and life exists to our complete satisfaction. This leaves open the possibility that just maybe there could be an answer out in outer space somewhere that will tell us whether immortality is for real when we leave this body.

    I was never given a choice whether I wanted to die (which I do not want to, ever) and as a result feel cheated that this choice was never on the table sort of speak as an option for me to choose from. It simply is a given that I will die sometime and this is not acceptable to me.

    Outer Space is so big that it could easily accommodate all the people that ever lived or died whether we colonize it by human technology or there is a super natural way to do it.

    I would gladly take the immortal cure simply because I want to exist forever.

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