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If the cure for mortality is found within your lifetime, would you go for it and become immortal?

On the one hand, we're not made for eternal youth. And one could argue that knowing life is short (or just limited) is what makes it worth living. And perhaps death is a major spiritual part of life, whether you believe in a soul or in a metaphorical one.
On the other hand, how is aging yet not another disease? Dying at age 80 is no more a "natural" death than being eaten alive by a bear or killed by malaria. In fact, "old age" is probably the most unnatural cause of death, statistically. So all that's probably just a cultural habit : diseases are evil but aging is good. Another point is that, well, things have changed. Perhaps our new environment makes it suitable for immortal youths.
And of course, becoming immortal only means that you die when YOU chose to die.

So would you go for the injection or not, and how do you rationalize your decision?



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  • Nov 12 2013: No. I would choose to stay mortal. I find that it's important to die. When it's my time, it's my time and I should accept that and welcome death with a smile. That is why I'm making sure I leave no regrets in life.

    In my opinion it's important to die, you have consumed of nature and now it's nature's turn to consume you and give chance to another soul to experience life(recycle of life). If you do not die, another will not life. I cannot explain it, but the cycle of (human) life will stop. And this will have huge consequences. Especially considering only our childeren can suprass us, so humans will stop evolving (physically and mentally). Also progress in every field would slow down because only childeren(or child-like/open mind) can break out of the box thinking and be innovative, And for progress you need innovation and new ways of thinking.

    This is how I see the consequences and to me the right thing to do is, to die when times comes, because it's nature. And you can't defy nature because it will have consquences beyond measures(we are part of it).
    • Nov 18 2013: I was kinda with you until you hit the 'only children can' thing. Actually, humans kind of 'evolve' in spurts. We are not in a big push right now, we are fine tuning what we have. Last big push was probably from 1860-1906. Everything we have today grew out of things developed then. Heck, one of the reasons I am so bored is that there hasn't been any really 'new' music in about thirty years, no really 'new' literary or visual outputs.

      Human phenotype hasn't changed in thousands of years, we are just better at keeping healthy what was healthy and preventing what isn't healthy so we are taller and live longer. Better diet, medicine. You could say the average person is more intelligent but 17th century man had access in his lifetime to the amount of data you consume in a day. Access to more of anything does not equal evolution.

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