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Because the earth throws us if we are moving us into space at speeds greater than sound?

What kind of magnet is the land that has stuck to it despite the high speed at which we move around in your axis

  • Oct 25 2013: Speed isn't an absolute value, its measured as relative between two objects.

    Our speed in relation to the earth is zero, which is why we aren't thrown off. Our speed relative to say, the sun, is quite high, but as we're moving with the earth, you don't really feel it.

    You're also confusing speed of sound with escape velocity, by the way. Two completely unrelated things.
  • Oct 27 2013: Technically, because the Earth spins, it produces gravity and time.
  • Oct 26 2013: Consider what you are not thinking right now.
  • Timo X

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    Oct 25 2013: The force that keeps us on the earth is the same force that makes apples fall to the ground, that prevents our bodies from falling apart, and that makes the earth stay in orbit around the sun. This force is not magnetism, but gravity. These two forces are fundamentally different because they derive from different elementary particles: magnetism is due to electrons, whereas gravity is due to Higgs particles.

    The speed of sound actually has very little to with it. Firstly, the speed of sound is not a constant, so it makes little sense to talk about 'the' speed of sound without defining where. Secondly, sound does not exist in space, so the concept is meaningless when applied to heavenly bodies such as the earth. Thirdly, if the earth did not have enough gravity to keep us on it, /any/ change in acceleration would have thrown us off. Even if the earth had been revolving around the sun at a walking pace, we would not have been able to stay on it. This is due to inertia: the law that objects keep travelling with the same speed forever if no force is applied to them.