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medical practise is no more an ethical practise.

i wish the private practice must be banned in india.only govt. jobs should be there so that unnecessary admissions, presciption of costly medicines be banned.
strict 8 hrs duty must.even private colleges must be closed. no that only elligibles,irrespect of caste can show there best.

  • Oct 26 2013: Smita,

    You have brought up several topics

    1. Entry into college - think most people would agree that it should be merit based only. In the US, a legacy (someone whose relatives attended the school) can have an advantage. In the 60's, I was told by a friend that certain colleges in India did the same for the upper caste. I would hope this has changed by now.
    2. I have been told that the public clinics in India are under staffed and over worked. This is true even in the US where ER's play the role of public clinics and there is a movie "The Waiting Room" which documents the situation in the US.
    3. It seems you claim most doctors go into private practice and do not service the poor. I am not sure how to fix this and I think the ethics of medicine is centered on the patient/doctor relationship and not the relationship of the doctor with society. Some doctors in the US have done this extension of ethics and volunteer (see Remote Area Medical, Project Hope, and Mercy Ships)
  • Oct 26 2013: Calling others unethical is a path that should be pursued with caution.
  • Oct 25 2013: i think who study in govt institution n hostels with scholarships, until one get job, one should do govt job till he die. when one get a job or want to do his own private job, one should pay three or four times more to govt.
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    Oct 25 2013: I don't follow your second paragraph, but I understand the issue you describe about private medicine in India. You have to remember, though, that people want to use those private clinics. In fact, my reading suggests that the public clinics have proved erratic in terms of whether they are open during posted open hours and whether medical staff are actually there.

    This may vary depended on where you are in India.
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    Oct 25 2013: Think you are talking about private practice of medical professional who also works in government sector , not medical practice as a not it ?