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What is more important : Happiness or Psychological strengh ?

As happiness might be our purpose
and psychological strengh can be the way in our journey through life .


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  • Da Way

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    Oct 28 2013: When asked 'which is more important' questions it's often useful to think which one is worse if you lose it.
    If a witch came along and forces you to chose one and lose one what would you do.

    If you lose all psychological strength, you go insane, right?
    If you lose all happiness, you're left with the remaining emotions, sad, angry, etc. Or you can be totally numb and emotionless.

    Personally I think I can cope with being a robot more than I can cope with being crazy.
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      Oct 29 2013: I agree Da Way, that it is helpful to explore all angles of a question. Are you saying that psychological strength is more important to you? If that is what you are suggesting, I agree.

      I do not agree that one necessarily goes insane with the loss of psychological strength.....this is kind of close to home for me. After a near fatal head/brain injury years ago, I was physically, mentally, emotionally challenged, so my psychological strength was challenged as well....apparently it was not lost however.....just challenged.

      Medical professionals said it was my physical and emotional strength going into the event, that supported the continuation of my life, and I agree with that. I believe it was the physical & psychological strength, built over a period of 40 years, that helped support the body/mind through the challenge.

      I believe that psychological strength, as an underlying support, gives us the ability to face and experience all emotions.

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