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What sort of regulation is desirable and realistic when it comes to biotechnology/new technologies

Technology such as GM foods, assisted reproduction, etc.. have a sort of "moral view about nature" attached to it and play a critical role in policy making. Therefore, I was wondering what sort of regulation should be involved when making policies about these kinds of technologies? Should there be more regulation? Less? should it be governed by the government, private sector, scientists, the public? etc..


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  • Oct 25 2013: Very relevant questions, James. Technology that affects every aspect of human life is evolving at an exponential rate, and since it is spread out over such a diverse spectrum in its usage, I believe the front line of regulation has to be up to the creators of the technologies themselves---to police themselves via ethics committees made up of people that do not stand to profit from the bottom line. The job of the government is to make and regulate laws that allow for checks and balances. The job of the public is to stay informed and make educated choices. Progress for ALL, not merely for profit. That is the morality that will have to guide us in the next stage of human evolution.

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