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What do you think makes a man happiest?A romantic relationship?Enough Money?A happy Family?Alcohol?or...…??

A recent study by Oxford researcher Robin Dunbar claims a man’s happiness, health and well-being don’t revolve around his romantic relationship or his kids or even his bank balance. The key is getting together with buddies and enjoying the kinds of things they do together, such as golf. Dunbar said men with those regular outlets also tend to be more generous.

Do you agree? When I saw this news from Msn Now, I was a little surprised. So I'd like to hear your voices on this interesting topic.:) And What do you think a man's partner do that will drive him to prefer to night out with their buddies most indirectly?I hope your view on these would help to enhance the good understanding on men and eliminate some misunderstandings between women and men and bring us more harmony to the world.

Thank you~~(^-^)

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    Nov 1 2013: For me Meeting with my Buddies, Is the best. It make me very much happy. I will give away everything to be with them.
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      Nov 4 2013: Thank you Kulddeep~!
      Your answer reflects your clear sunny personality again. I think Mr. dunbar will be very glad to see it and be one of your buddies.:)

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